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Does anyone remember playing Antarctic Adventure? Back in 1986, I was really addicted to this game. I would play it for hours on end on my MSX. Those were the good old days! I decided to look up this game a few days ago and came across the DOS Game Archive, a site where it [...]

Pecha Kucha

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Pecha Kucha, which is Japanese for chit-chat, is a very interesting presentation methodology when you have a lot of presentations. Every presenter has 20 slides each shown for 20 seconds and they auto run in the background. That way, in 6 min and 40 sec the next presenter gets to boot you off the stage. [...]

Motion Sensor based Lighting

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A few weeks back I picked up this motion sensing LED light from ACE hardware. I’ve always wanted to install a motion sensing light at home ever since I saw it in action at the Hotel Alliance in Lourdes. We have a pretty dark L shaped corridor at home and often fumble about the light [...]

Now that all the ground work was done it was time to plan the implementation. Considering that we would have people with both high and low speed internet connections watching, I decided to take live streaming to the next level and stream 2 qualities of video simultaneously. For those with a high speed internet connection [...]

A few weeks back, just a few days before the GCCR Conference started, Felix rang up and asked if we could Video Stream the event LIVE on the website! I was quite skeptical and said it would be better to just record it and upload the recording a few weeks later. However, I was curious [...]

Kissletoe Anyone?

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Well, it all started while we popped into City Center Salmiya for some quick shopping. We came across this “Kissing Booth” setup just for Christmas. Outside the booth, I noticed this Christmas tree decorated in little Hershey’s Kisses ornaments. And then I thought, how great it would be to have a mistletoe made of these [...]

I came across this great website for comparing camera features. Snapsort allows you to pick two camera models and compare them feature wise. It also shows you the clear winner between them. I just love the simplicity of the site. But although its very informative, some user / editor reviews on the same page would [...]

Another Ice Cream Carving

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Can anyone guess what I was trying to carve with my tea spoon?

Ice Cream Carving

In: Fun Times, Hobbies

I guess I just got bored of digging into this big tub of chocolate ice cream. I started carving steps and then dug a big well at the top! And all that with a tea spoon. This is interesting and hopefully I’ll do a better job with the next tub.

The World is not Enough!

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Yes the design on that globe is not perfect, but I’ve managed to balance it on a bridge of coins. The whole structure looks more like something with 4 legs carrying the world on its back. This particular structure took a lot of precise measuring. This angle shows that there is a small bridge between [...]

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