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Is McDonalds Open 24 Hours?

In: Kuwait

Around 5:30am, after a long over-night function, about 12 of us all suited & booted decided to grab some breakfast at McDonalds Corniche. For some reason we were under the impression that this place is open 24 hours. It might have been those bright labels on the door that said “Open 24 Hours”. However, the [...]

Ferrari Trucks

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

I was quite amused to see “Ferrari” written across the crane arm of this truck. I initially though the truck driver was just advertising for his favorite car! But after a little Googling, I came across the Italian company that exports those cranes. They are called Flli Ferrari and they sell these Ferrari cranes in various [...]

City Center Opening in Dajeej

In: Kuwait

Seems City Center is opening up in Dajeej. Saw my favorite Ice Cream truck at the unloading dock. Lulu Hypermarket to follow soon. Sultan Center has been the only supermarket in the area for a while. Looks like they will have to up their game and down their prices pretty soon.

Of late there has been a lot of news that the Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW) was planning to cut off power supply to customers with outstanding amounts. Now they are planning to sue defaulters. Recently, all doors (including the lift doors & passage doors) in my building and the neighboring ones were plastered [...]

Kuwait 1980′s Car Exhibition

In: Kuwait

Came across this old video of a new car exhibition in Kuwait in the 1980′s. It’s amazing how futuristic a lot of the cars look. It seems like a far better show than most of the more recent ones held here.  

I was reading about Motion Induced Blindness today on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website. It’s interesting and scary at the same time. Basically, when you drive at high speeds with no distractions (staying focused on the road ahead), you automatically go blind to other objects around you. In some cases, you may not see cars approaching [...]

Ambassadors of Comedy

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

Ro and I had a great time this weekend at the Ambassadors of Comedy show. We laughed so hard that at times our stomachs started to hurt! The show was organized very well. Nitin, Dean & Aaron were great. Nitin hit home with more Middle East material. Both the Americans had a balance of humor between American politics [...]

Furniture Garbage

In: Kuwait

Not sure if should be called garbage, but I see a lot of people just throwing away their old furniture near the garbage bins. And what amazes me is how meticulously these workers stack up the old furniture to make max use of the space on the truck. They even break up cupboards & tables [...]

Hotel Missoni Special Offer

In: Kuwait, Travel

I noticed a special offer today on the NBK site for Hotel Missoni in Kuwait. They offer a special rate of 79 KWD per night but the Missoni website shows the same room for 63 KWD. What’s special about this offer?  

Very often, working on windows can drive you mad. Looks like these guys couldn’t take it anymore. They jut decided to burn the laptops. Must have been inspired by the 7 million tires burning in the desert. Wonder if my company has any policies on burning laptops. Actually it’s silly to burn the laptops just [...]

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