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Elevator Parking in Kuwait

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Caught this on youtube. Anyone know where this place is?

Middle East Travel by Numbers

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Percentage of residents visiting eleven or more countries in the past year. Found these figures in my copy of First Class. They were taken from Arabian Business. Looks like Kuwait tops the list of the most adventurous people, which explains all the adventure gear outlets opening up [Link]. Or you could say they got a [...]

…To get to the Pigeon Festival in Kuwait City. Look at this pic!!! Having a jolly good picnic there. All the cars slowed down or stopped to let the pigeons cross the road!!!

Wataniya Free Incoming Calls

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Its about time. The rip-off has stopped . Got this sms just now… “Dear customer, Wataniya is proud to accompany you into Kuwait’s new telecommunication era in which all your incoming National and International calls are free!” More like wataniya is finally joining the new era of telecom.

More Raw Paint Jobs

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More and more people seem to like this raw non-glossy paint job. I like it too. Looks great in black or charcoal. A real attention grabber. Caught this one near my office.

Honey, I Shrunk the Chevy!

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Yes, all those cars are illegally parked there! Took this pic near Mariott Courtyard / Arraya. A Caprice and an Aveo. The Aveo looks like a shrunk version of the Caprice. Come to think of it most of the Chevrolet cars have the same rear design. Is it their secret design formula?

Parking Lot Robberies in Kuwait

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This email came by as a forward… “Yesterday i went shopping in fahaheel with my wife. Unimaginable things happened there in fahaheel parking. So i thought i can share this to every expatriates in kuwait to alert while going out. Actually we were in our car in centrepoint parking (behind centrepoint – near mosque) where [...]

National Assembly

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The National Assembly building in Kuwait is getting a new extension. Looks nice!

Dim Lights in Basement

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Love this sign. Too bad no one reads it while entering the parking lot at Avenues. Its real irritating. All these dumb-ass youngsters driving around the well-lit parking lots with headlights on full beam. “Take off those cheap sun glasses fool”. What is it with all these idiots wearing sun glasses in an underground parking [...]

Basement Car Wash

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I was quite amused to see a car wash on basement 2 at Muthanna. This is the first time i’ve seen an underground car wash.

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