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Gospel Concert Rocks

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This Friday evening was great. I attended the first ever Gospel Concert in Kuwait at Salmiya. The numbers from Sister Act made it very entertaining and so was the amazing Acapella session. There was a projector too with the words so we could all join in. It was a great effort by the youth groups.

iBOT Wheelchair

In: Kuwait, Technology

This is an amazing wheelchair. I’ve seen a lotta people in Kuwait on wheelchairs. Probably due to our excellent safety record on the roads here. Has anyone seen these around Kuwait?

Noisy & Filthy Neighbors

In: Kuwait

Our neighbors have left. Finally!!! We had these really noisy and filthy neighbors the last few months. The Harass told me they were Bedouin Kuwaitis. This must have been a big upgrade for them, from their tent in the middle of the desert. 3 women (and not the skinny type), 1 man, 5 children, a [...]

Souk Sharq Celebrations

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

Seems Souk Sharq is celebrating their 10th year anniversary. The lighting was awesome. Was leaving my office when all those search lights caught my attention. Just had to take the longer route home via Gulf Road to check it out.

Harassment of Goan maids in Kuwait

In: Goa, Kuwait

This isn’t something new. We’ve heard it time and again. What I never understood is whether its a cultural thing with a lot of Kuwaitis or just all that money going to the head. Don’t get me wrong, its not all Kuwaitis. I know a bunch of Kuwaitis who are very civilized and down to [...]

Wicked but Bland Paint Job

In: Kuwait, Photography

Saw this Dodge Charger in my garage on the way to work. It really caught my attention. Unlike all the other cars, this one was NOT glossy and shining. And it looked real good. Maybe the red highlights on the tires and rear make it stand out! Its some sort of bland paint job and [...]

Hot Ass for Cold Cat

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

I know the title sounds a bit vulgar but its really funny! Was at McDonals (Shuwaikh Sultan Centre) for ice-cream Friday night and caught this on the way out. This cat must have been freezing. Right in front of the drive through window, this cat was warming up its backside on the halogen lights. And [...]

Weather Warning – Rain & Flooding

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Saw this on Q8Weather [Link]. Get your raincoats out. Forecasts show very heavy rain possible for next week in Kuwait with a 30% chance of local flooding. Starting Saturday night, clouds will increase with rain eventually arriving sometime Sunday with the worst of the rainfall occurring Monday and Tuesday. Up to a total of 70mm [...]

Alshamel Cars Branded

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Alshamel Travel in Kuwait got all their cars branded this week. Its strange caz just last week when I met with the Alshamel chaps in Dubai, I pointed out how nice it was that their cars were branded and strange the ones in Kuwait weren’t. Spoke too soon I guess. I like the branding on [...]

Fireworks in Salmiya

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

Of all the buildings I’ve seen, this was the best lit for Diwali in Kuwait. Its in Salmiya block 10 opposite the football ground. I think its called the Titanic complex? Was expecting Durar complex in Reggae to be lit up real nice but it didn’t beat this one. And the fireworks display at the [...]

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