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Happy Diwali

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May the festival of lights be a unique confluence of happiness, bliss and prosperity! Hope you enjoy the lights and sounds of this wondrous occasion. Wishing you a Happy Diwali!!!

Kuwait Long Term Parking

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Took this photo the night before at the Long Term parking lot at Kuwait Airport. I had parked next to this car 3 days before and it was exactly the same when I got back. Dust, graffiti, flat tires and a birds nest. Now that’s really long term parking. Fellow will most likely loose his [...]

About a week ago I posted about hacking traffic signs [Link]. Took this snap while driving to work. Is that a smiley? Hmmmm… I wonder who dun it

Latina Mina Drunk

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

Seems Latina Mina was caught drunk on 99.7. [Link] I really like her afternoon show. The best among all the RJ’s on FM99.7. We were tuned in last night when some Lebanese DJ (very shy voice) was playing house music. She was pretty excited since he was a Doctor of sorts, and his triceps and [...]

My Taxi Company

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

I was pretty amused to see this cab in front of me. Taxi Alfares. In Kuwait my family name keeps getting spelt as Al-Fares or Al-Faris instead of Alvares. There is no “v” in Arabic. Guess I could call them up and say “I’m the Son of your Boss. I need a free ride.”

Tornado Spinning in Kuwait

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

Was at Entertainment City this weekend. The last time I visited was about 15 years ago. Very little has changed. One of the most incredible rides is the Tornado. I don’t think I was totally prepared but I went on it anyway. The first bit, going up, is fun. Then it waits for like 15 [...]

The Web Team

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Well, this is probably the last photo of the SWITCH Web Development Team in Kuwait. We did some great stuff together and I especially enjoying all the hacking Above is a photo of our last time together hanging out at Marina Mall. Hope we 3 meet up again someday. Good memories!

Kudro’s Stingy Meal

In: Food, Kuwait

Was out with the chaps and we decided to have dinner at Marina. I had my GM Diet going on and wanted to stick to beef and tomatoes. I picked Kudro (great shawarmas) caz of their Shish Kebab meal… beef and tomatoes. I was glad when I saw the menu and ordered it. But when [...]

GM Diet – Day 4 – Going Bananas

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The chap at our bakala must think we are nuts. We either go there for ice-cream or nuggets. The last few days its only been fruits and veggies and last night we took his entire stock of bananas. I’ve eaten more bananas today than I have in the last 4 years.  I’m not too fond [...]

Today is day 3 of our diet. Fruits and Veggies. Feeling very light. Went for our usual 20 min walk but today I walked the entire 20 mins without feeling tired or cribbing about the walk. Usually I start cribbing after the first 2 mins of the walk and my wife drags me the rest [...]

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