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Kuwait Sunset

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Was driving down to the Sheraton Roundabout on the 1st Ring Road when I remembered a post on Kuwait Sunsets the “Great Q8 SunSET challenge” from intlxpatr [Link]. Got my wife to click a few photos. Kuwait doesn’t really seem to be a sunset place. The sun goes down real fast here. Maybe its caz I’m [...]

GM Diet – Day 2

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Went “veggie” shopping for day 2 of our GM diet where we found this “lovely” heart-shaped potato at the Shamiya Co-op. I stuffed myself silly with apples, pears, kiwi and grapes the whole of yesterday. Its a real strange feeling eating only fruit. The temptation to steer away from the diet was incredible while driving [...]

From: Intlxpatr & Al Watan KUWAIT: A leading Kuwaiti expert on earthquakes has warned that the Gulf region may face a devastating earthquake that could measure 7.0 on the Richter scale and cause a devastating tsunami. Dr. Feryal BuRabee said the prospect of such an eventuality is great, particularly since repeated earthquakes have been reported [...]

Big Truck

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My wife considers the Hummer H2 as the ugliest thing on the roads. And then she saw this monstrosity. What is it with driving these things around? Its huge, ugly and is a nuisance driving thru Salmiya. The guy brushed against a parked Jeep Cherokee with the rear tire and the tire lifted the Cherokee [...]

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