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I had my yearly vehicle registration renewal recently and I was really impressed. After getting my paper work stamped at the test center, I headed over to the Traffic Department in Maidan Hawalli. It was crowded just like all other government offices but the atmosphere was so different … so friendly. I went over to [...]

Please Don’t Park Here

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You can just tell how frustrated the guy who painted the sign must have been. Still he was polite enough to add a “please” in there! Actually, I’m not sure if the “For God Sake” was painted on much later!

Pecha Kucha

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Pecha Kucha, which is Japanese for chit-chat, is a very interesting presentation methodology when you have a lot of presentations. Every presenter has 20 slides each shown for 20 seconds and they auto run in the background. That way, in 6 min and 40 sec the next presenter gets to boot you off the stage. [...]

Live Music @ Jade Garden

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We went for dinner to Jade Garden the other night and were quite amused by the live music entertainment. Every hour or so, 4 of the staff gather in the center of the restaurant on that little make shift stage and perform 2-3 numbers for their guests. When I first saw them setting up the [...]

The Falafel Song

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

This is the first time I’ve come across this song. Its funny and has Kuwait mentioned in the lyrics. The lyrics are below. LYRICS: Everybody eat the falafel all the other food’s gonna topple everybody’s head’s gonna bobble when they put in their mouth falafel Hey baby, have I seen you around? maybe you’re not [...]

[Event] Ambassadors of Comedy

In: Kuwait

The Indian Cultural Society is organizing a comedy night on 27th April at the American International School. Dean Obeidallah & Aron Kader from the Axis of Evil as well as Nitin Mirani from UAE are scheduled to keep the crowds ROTFL. It should be great fun and the proceeds are for a great cause. There [...]

Kuwait Customer Satisfaction Index

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Service Hero released its 2011 Customer Satisfaction Index for Kuwait. I was surprised to see such a low number of Kuwaiti voters, only 23%. Bad websites on average are no shock. I don’t think I voted last year though I’m quite sure I did when they first launched in 2010. I like the winner comparison [...]

Pumping Concrete Across the Road

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I would guess that running a concrete pump from across the road would be pretty unsafe and very dangerous! If one of those pipes break, that’s a lot of concrete dropping over the cars passing by below. On the plus side, doing it this way reduces the usual traffic congestion caused by the combination of [...]

Dust Storm Inside Kuwait Airport

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Today afternoon we had quite the dust storm. Strong winds and very low visibility. I went to the airport in the evening and it was insane. Almost all the airport staff were wearing dust masks. There was a light dust cloud inside the airport. Even in the restaurants! It was quite suffocating. I’ve never seen [...]

Last Saturday I saw this cement truck that flipped over near the intersection of the 6th Ring Road and the 60. Seems the driver was trying to avoid a car speeding off the ramp. Most people don’t realize that larger vehicles were not designed to swerve safely but natural human reflexes make you swerve anyway. Luckily [...]

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