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Parking or Decoration?

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I noticed this Mercedes parked in the middle of the cloverleaf interchange between the 5th Ring Road and the 55. It’s been there for about a week now! Could this be a new long term parking spot? Or maybe we are just running out of ways to decorate the highway interchanges of Kuwait.  

Twice as Much Street Lighting?

In: Kuwait

While driving around Ahmadi the other day, I suddenly realized that all the lamp posts were paired. Looks like they are putting up new lamp posts. Probably easier than just changing the bulb!  

Leaving Your Kid Alone in a Car

In: Kuwait

Yes, the title is a little misleading. But I had to! I was at the Sultan Center parking lot around 4pm yesterday and happened to park right next to this Prado. The guy left his “kid” in there all alone for about half an hour! I guess no one cared, since this “kid” was a [...]

The Ugly Al Mulla Exchange Calendar

In: Kuwait

I wonder how Al Mulla would feel, if I stuck a big ugly calendar on their front door! Probably a calendar from one of the other exchange companies. It’s bad enough that every supermarket and restaurant in Kuwait throws their promotional catalogs on my door mat. Now, Al Mulla took the liberty to stick this [...]

Too Many Road Signs

In: Kuwait

The new road extension on the 50 just before the 5th ring road exit is nice. But someone got real confused while putting up the road signs. The ones on the left indicate you can turn right to exit and the ones on the right indicate that you can turn left to join the 50. [...]

Recycling in Kuwait?

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I saw these boxes lying around in a corridor at the office. Seems someone from the Metal and Recycling Company came by the office and dumped these 6 recycling  cartons. They are part of a New Air program from that company. Hope we start using them soon. I guess there is a huge scope for [...]

I came across this cost of living graph on Kuwait and the expenditure on Restaurants really sticks out. 33% on eating out!!! I tell most people there are only two things to do in Kuwait… shopping and eating. Now there is graph to go with that.

Test Drive This Sofa!

In: Kuwait

In Dajeej, you can test drive sofa’s too. Don’t just sit on it in our showroom. Take it on the road and go for a spin. I was on my way home around 4 and the funny sight of this sofa unit lying there in the middle of the road took my mind of my [...]

Leaving the Door Open @120kmph

In: Kuwait

Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of trucks leave 1 door open while driving down the highways. This includes container trucks. And not all of them are empty. Any idea if this is some new rule? Or does it get too hot in there during summer?

The Sharks of Kuwait

In: Kuwait

Check out this documentary by AlJazeera on the Sharks of Kuwait. I didn’t think there were many, at least not any big ones that could real do damage.

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