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The New Career Dashboard on Bayt

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Bayt now has this great new interactive dashboard. It’s got all kinds of new career tools that help you look at your career a completely different way. I love this “who’s looking for you” chart. Makes you wonder if you should start looking at other industries or countries. There is also this great new keyword [...]

Giants on the Balcony

In: Kuwait

I woke up pretty early today morning and when I glanced out the window, in my half-sleepy mood, I got a shock looking at my neighbors balcony. You would too if you saw 5 giants staring back at you. Seems it is just the picture on the curtain they hung up. It’s a nice idea [...]

Luckiest Tree in Kuwait

In: Kuwait

This place along the highway was full of trees before the construction began. And only one survived. The luckiest tree in all of Kuwait.

The Gulf Traffic Week is back in Kuwait. Those signs alone may cause more accidents this time. There is so much text to read and it changes between Arabic & English pretty fast. Seems there is a small town in Australia called “Speed”. For their traffic awareness month, they decided to rename the town to [...]

Bayan Palace Light Show

In: Kuwait

Have you all seen the amazing light show at the Bayan Palace at night. It usually starts after dark and is quite amazing. They seem to have setup some 50 odd rotating search lights along the 5th ring road which make up this huge “wall of light”.

I’ve never used a BlackBerry device. So when I first saw this logo and number on the car I thought it was some company car marking. Seems its a BlackBerry Pin. It does make sense to have it over there at the back of the car. Just imagine you receive an IM on your BlackBerry while driving [...]

Ahmadi Bloke 7

In: Kuwait

This is quite the address to have. Ahmadi – Bloke 7. While all others live on a Block some lucky people get to live on a Bloke. Compared to all other areas in Kuwait, I’ve always considered Ahmadi to have the best signages… especially street identification. Good to see that they can be just as [...]

The Healthy Office Space

In: Environment, Kuwait, Work

My company moved office recently to Dajeej. I know, your thinking ‘Dajeej’ and laughing real hard. Yes, it’s nothing like the city but supposedly the rent is 10 times cheaper which means the company will save a bundle and hand out big bonuses this year …hopefully! Anyway, my new office/desk space sucks! It’s very depressing. [...]

Wrigley’s 5 in Kuwait

In: Food, Kuwait

I was quite surprised to see Wrigley’s 5 gum  at Sultan Center yesterday. They had all 5 original flavors in stock. I just had to grab my share. This is the first time I’ve seen it in Kuwait. It’s available mostly in the US or Europe and is one of the best chewing gums I’ve ever had. [...]

Kissletoe Anyone?

In: Food, Fun Times, Hobbies, Kuwait

Well, it all started while we popped into City Center Salmiya for some quick shopping. We came across this “Kissing Booth” setup just for Christmas. Outside the booth, I noticed this Christmas tree decorated in little Hershey’s Kisses ornaments. And then I thought, how great it would be to have a mistletoe made of these [...]

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