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There seems to be a massive fire at the Sawaber complex here in Sharq. For the last 45 mins, fire trucks, ambulances and police have been driving by. Hope no one was hurt.

Porsche Gift Bag

In: Kuwait

Was at Souk Sharq for Lunch when I noticed this great looking display. A huge gift bag with a Porsche sticking out of it.

Grabbing the Sun

In: Kuwait

Looks like a hand pulling the sun away.

Beit Dickson – Salmiya

In: Food, Kuwait

This isn’t a food review. We were  passing by this place at mid-night when this fella dressed up in a tribal Arab uniform jumped in front of us and invited us in. The bait was free Kahwa (Arabian coffee). We just finish dinner so we decided to go in for some sweets and coffee. Unfortunately, [...]

Bayt.com Classifieds?

In: Kuwait, Work

Am I the only one who thinks this is a ridiculous idea …a job site with a classifieds section!!! Can’t find a job? Why don’t you buy a wedding gown or a hummer instead. This new section makes the site kinda “cheap” (for lack of a better word). Now potential employers will probably spend more [...]

Freak Storm Today

In: Kuwait

I was all set to drop Row off today morning when the early morning sunshine suddenly disappeared! At 8am today it turned from a sunny blue sky to a dark dark midnight sky. My initial thought was “how did the ash cloud from Europe reach here!” It got a bit windy too. And by the time [...]

New Zain Ads by the Airport

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

I like these new catchy “check list” ads by Zain at the airport. Hotel Booked Car Rented Cash Exchanged Roam with Zain Good to Go On the other hand, these ads make more sense only on the way to the airport, not on the way back from there. Most people would have already booked their [...]

InfoBiz Kuwait 2010

In: Kuwait, Technology

Well, I thought I already posted about this last week but since I didn’t, here it is. The not-so-great InfoBiz exhibition took place last week. As usual, there were more cell phone companies than technology companies displaying their wares. And the most eye catching stand was the Wataniya one. They were probably the only ones [...]

Well its not everyday you can really camp or party in the Kuwaiti desert but the climate was great and we had tickets so off we went. The “Institution of Engineers (India)” organised this event at a camp in the Multa desert. First off, whoever printed those tickets needs to re-take that engineers exam. Directions [...]

KFC Panini

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

These KFC chaps have started wearing beige shirts to promote their new Panini. While I was at the counter some fellas got confused if they ordered from the right place and started arguing with the server. They wanted the cooks who were wearing red shirts to take their order. Shows how small change in shirts [...]

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