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Water Bottle Walls

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I have this strange habit of stacking empty water bottles. I’ve managed to balance and stack up 4 bottles max to date. The round Aquagulf bottles are better than those square Rawdatain ones. The image to the right shows two bottles balanced on my wife’s knee. The stuff she has to put up with! I [...]

Monk is Lebanese

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I’ve been watching MONK the last month almost continuously. Funny guy and very interesting cases! Seems I may have some of his fussy habits But only a few days back Ro pointed out that Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is Lebanese. I always thought Tony was Israeli caz of his name.

Black Books

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This is a very funny TV series. A must watch.

There are a lot of TV shows going online now like on Hulu and NBC. However, in Kuwait (and even Dubai) the shows don’t play. Seems you need to be in America to watch them. Norm & Vela were pretty eager to stay up to date on the US election TV coverage. And I was [...]

Found this while on youtube. The guy who put this together must be a real fan. Great job! Add Air Wolf in there and we’ll have a real fast show. Add the A-Team and I’ll never take my eyes off the screen

TV – Knight Rider 2008

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I’ve been watching the new Knight Rider 2008 [link]. I was very excited to see one of my favourite childhood TV shows being continued. The pilot episode was quite nice but the following episodes were not too exciting. I think the Ford Mustang was a pretty good choice. Nice little muscle car. What I don’t [...]

Movie – Wanted

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Wanted is one awesome movie. A must see for all action movie fans. Its been quite a while since I saw some decent action and stunts in movies. I love the car chases and the effect whenever they jump through glass. I give this movie a 5/5.

Movie – North by Northwest

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North by Northwest is a great Alfred Hitchcock movie. I guess the scenes and shots were pretty amazing for those days. Two scenes I loved where the once with the plane shooting down Thornhill and the other was the one on Mount Rushmore. Its a 5/5 rating.

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