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Rickshaw Drivers Website

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This seems unbelievable to a lot of people, but personally, I think Samson is probably the smartest “TukTuk” / Rickshaw driver. Check out his website. Very enterprising!

Toyota Pedal Recall

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Seems Toyota screwed up somewhere and is now recalling millions of cars due to a pedal malfunction. [link] According to the site, if the pedal does get stuck, you need to use both feet to step on the brake… one foot will not do?

Kuwait Unity Congress II

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The Catholic Church in Kuwait celebrated its second Unity Congress last week. The theme this year was “Let us celebrate Him!”. This year’s focus was on understanding the various Rites within the Catholic Church. Till yesterday I didn’t know we had so  many Rites. I was aware of just a few. An exhibition is open [...]

Jazeera Business Class

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Jazeera Airways has recently announced a new Business Class. “All of the firm’s A320 planes have the first 3 rows dedicated to Business Class - each middle seat having been converted into extra work space and offering additional privacy.” I’m not sure what is new about this. It seems to be a new higher fare but on [...]

Best Electronics @ Hawalli

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There is a new electronics store being inaugurated today evening. 9pm – 10pm. Looks like they have some pretty good deals.  KWD 50/- for a S10 Lenovo netbook & KWD 20/- for an iPOD. Hope all their stuff is priced as nicely.

Happy Programmers Day!

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Russia’s president, Dmitry Medvedev, has decreed a new holiday for his country: Programmer’s Day. Appropriately enough, it will be celebrated on the 256th day of the year: September 13th (September 12th for a leap year). Unofficially Programmer’s Day celebrated in the world for many years at the 256th day of each year. The number 256 is chosen [...]

New Aston Martin Showroom

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Looks like Aston Martin is setting up a new showroom in Al Rai. Its on the main road opposite Centerpoint. I recall there was a used car showroom in that building previously. And they had some sweet rides parked in the basement.

Windows 7 Sins

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Very interesting site and a must read for all. [link]

Mathai and Grey have already posted about the meet on their blogs! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it for this meet but I did. It was real nice to put a face to all these online aliases. There was Grey with wife and AJ, Mathai with no wife and no [...]

Summer Club – Cultural Day

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Last Friday I attended the Cultural Day event of the Summer Club at Don Bosco’s. It was a great show with all the students putting up some dance or skit or show to entertain us. Even the coordinators had their own dance at the end. There was a snack break too during which a live [...]

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