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10 Worst Countries to be a Blogger

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“Bloggers are at the vanguard of the information revolution and their numbers are expanding rapidly,” said CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon. “But governments are quickly learning how to turn technology against bloggers by censoring and filtering the Internet, restricting online access and mining personal data. When all else fails, the authorities simply jail a few [...]

At the RSA Conference last month in San Francisco, Taher Elgamal [link] was conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award–only the third recipient of the award since its inception in 2004. The chief security officer of Axway has more than 25 years of experience in the security industry, starting out as a cryptographic expert. Egypt-born Elgamal has been credited [...]

Zain Exhibition

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Well, to be honest, I only went there to check out the water bottle wall. Saw it on Chikapappi’s blog. [link] The exhibition was at Mishref Fair grounds and was mainly for all Zain partners to showcase their wares. There were a lot of offers at every stall but overall it was the same stuff [...]

Microsoft Discounts & Offers

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Don’t leave money on the table! Act now. Save now. [link] Not sure to what extent the local Microsoft reps and dealers are willing to honour these offers, but it gives you a good idea that most of their products are overpriced and can be discounted by 15%-20% in most cases and in some cases [...]

KOC Blocking Blogs in Kuwait

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It has come to my attention that KOC has blocked my blog! How rude. The rascals have blocked most of the other blogs too. There must be some law against this in-human employee torture. How do they expect their employees to progress in life if they deny them basic necessities like acess to our blogs!

“Anna Dornhaus, a University of Arizona researcher, painted ants different colors to study them. Great differences were found in the speed of ants’ work, and about 50 percent were found to do no work.” [link] And you thought I was referring to humans? Looks like its about the same case with humans too. Perhaps the [...]

Color Filter in Google Images

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I just noticed this on Google Image search [link]. You can filter images by color now. Its a pretty neat feature. Should come in very handy for web & graphic designers. I ran a couple of test searches for Kuwait and filtered them on color. Quite a difference in the results. Red returns mostly flags. [...]

When Bloggers Meet

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Met up with Mathai and Rayboy on Saturday at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf near Rashid hospital in Salmiya.  It was a great meeting. Exchanged some “files” and discussed topics ranging from tech stuff to education to cars. Most important was feedback on our blogs. For starters, I lacked the “comment subscription” option. Never [...]

“Eight Chinese who used high-tech communications equipment, including mobile phones and wireless earpieces, to help their children cheat at university entrance exams have been jailed on state secret charges, local media said. The eight, from the wealthy eastern province of Zhejiang, got together in 2007 to plot how to help their children as “they knew [...]

Man Vs Lamborghini

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Dude held onto a Lamborghini for 6 seconds. Damn, that guy is strong!!!

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