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Kuwait Police now Charging

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Looks like the much talked about Chargers for the Kuwait Police are here finally. I like the slick lighting on the roofs.

Hores and Beer at Lulu

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Rush now to Lulu. For only KWD 2.75 you can get 3 “hores” and a crate of  beer cans.  Now I know why all my Malloo friends love this place. They keep telling me this is the “cheapest” mart but I know why they really come here now.   And btw, it’s not the cheapest [...]

Etisalat iPhone Promo

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Went to the Burjuman mall with some friends while I was in Dubai. While we were there we noticed a huge crowd gathered. Thought it might be a fight since in Kuwait that’s what it usually is. But it wasn’t. It was a promo by Etisalat for the iPhone. A team of hip dancers were [...]

Touch Books coming soon

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Always Innovating’s Touch Book is yet another Netbook, but it’s got a cool detachable (and optional) keyboard, and a magnetic mount for sticking onto a refrigerator. The product will run a Linux OS, and it’s the first Netbook based on an ARM CPU, not the typical Atom found in most Netbooks. He says users can [...]

Anyone for an Ice Bath?

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“A Russian ice bath or ‘banya’ offers visitors the chance to experience hot and cold conditions. The Ice Banya is close to Lake Baikal in one of Siberia’s largest cities. It was built at the end of January using 160 tonnes of ice.” I can’t image taking an ice bath. I can hardly bare a [...]

Sliding House

In: News, Technology

This house designed by drmm is very creative. The whole house structure has a moving “cover” consisting of the roof and side walls, allowing it to slide back and forth. I wonder how practical something like this would be in India.

Microsoft Surface in Kuwait

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After reading this, all you techies are gonna leave what you are doing and run to Souk Sharq to check this out. I just got back from lunch and playing with a “Surface”. This gadget is barely noticeable but its in opposite the complicate clock thingy in the center of Souk Sharq, a little black [...]

InfoConnect 2009

In: Kuwait, News, Technology

Laptops and cell phones and even more laptops. Thats about it. The Wataniya stand had a lot of activity going on. I initially thought the image on the background was a cartoon, but it was a live video of the woman on the left. Lots of entertainment there but all in Arabic so I didn’t [...]

Fishing with Explosives in Goa!!!

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“Fishing in the river water by illegal methods such as using explosives with detonators is on the rise in Bicholim and Sattari taluka. The environment activist and chief of Animal Rescue Squad(ARS) Bicholim, Mr Amrut Singh on last Wednesday recovered about one kg of explosives with detonators near the bank of Vathadev Bicholim river at [...]

Genki Sushi

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If you happen to be on the Shuhada Street near the Array Center, don’t get alarmed when you see this. I thought it was some kind of prank initially or someone playing around with a fogged window pane. Its the logo for Genki Sushi. Haven’t tried their sushi yet, but their advertising is pretty good.

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