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OK. I’m gonna stay on earth if this is what happens in space. Read on… If you’re the kind of person who wants to do research on the International Space Station, it appears that you may need to cross some boundaries of taste many of us wouldn’t even consider. According to a BBC News story [...]

India Reaches the Moon

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India’s first unmanned lunar spacecraft, Chandrayaan 1, has placed a probe on the surface of the Moon. The probe, painted with the Indian flag, touched down at 2034 (1504 GMT), the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said. It will perform various experiments, including measuring the composition of the Moon’s atmosphere. The mission is regarded as [...]

Weather Warning – Rain & Flooding

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Saw this on Q8Weather [Link]. Get your raincoats out. Forecasts show very heavy rain possible for next week in Kuwait with a 30% chance of local flooding. Starting Saturday night, clouds will increase with rain eventually arriving sometime Sunday with the worst of the rainfall occurring Monday and Tuesday. Up to a total of 70mm [...]

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