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Exposed Feet in Rainy Rome

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Found this image while clearing up my photo collection. Ro and I were walking around Rome and the Vatican, in the cold rain, when we realized we were the only ones not wearing closed shoes. Do doubt it got a bit chilly sometimes (especially while waiting in those long queues) …but at the end of [...]

I came across this great website for comparing camera features. Snapsort allows you to pick two camera models and compare them feature wise. It also shows you the clear winner between them. I just love the simplicity of the site. But although its very informative, some user / editor reviews on the same page would [...]

Pets for Sale in Salmiya

In: Kuwait, Photography

“STOP Nice and cute pets are inside the car For Sale!” That’s what those signages pasted all around that car advertised! There were like 7 dogs and a cat for sale in that jeep. Most of them were staring back at my wife who was staring in. But she was only admiring the lazy one [...]

Double Reflection on the Bangle

In: Photography

Got bored while the ladies were shopping so I took this pic. How come the bangle has a double reflection on the glass. Its a single glass plank for a table-top and other items on the table don’t have this double reflection!!!

Souk Sharq Gate

In: Kuwait, Photography

I like these traditional Kuwaiti mud walls / gates. Souk Sharq put these up for Hala February. And no, they are not made from mud, they just look like it. Can see the changing skyline of Kuwait in the background.

Souk Sharq Donts

In: Environment, Kuwait, Photography

Lets see if I understand these symbols correctly: 1) No marching with roller skates on and a muffler/shawl round your neck. 2) No threesomes. 3) No wolf/wild animal allowed in 4) Don’t use bicycles with two seats and no handlebar. 5) Don’t stand on the trolleys  6) No smoking. I must have got at least [...]

Where is Obama?

In: Photography

I wasn’t interested in the Obama inauguration till I came across this link. [Link] Its a 1,474 Megapixel photo taken by David Bergman. Its just amazing. You can zoom and pan around the entire scene. Its made up of 220 photos. “I made a panoramic image showing the nearly two million people who watched President [...]

Guard Dog

In: Goa, Photography

Or is it? Took this pic in Panjim. This mutt was just staring at me. Do I look like some terrorist when I’m unshaven? Love the brightly painted house.

Massage with a View

In: Fun Times, Goa, Photography

Our pet dog enjoys his frequent massages. Ro took this pic of my brother and myself were giving “shorty” his back massage while he gazes out the main door.

Evening Sky by the Airport

In: Kuwait, Photography

Took this pic while driving down to the airport in Dec. Looks a bit like the YSL logo.

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