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Damian de Goa Christmas Decor

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This is truly the best decorated place in the whole of Goa. Every year a new decoration during Christmas time. This year we had the Von Trapp Family (Sound of Music) by the Crib on the first floor and Snow White with the 7 dwarfs all dressed as Santas on the ground floor. If you [...]

Heavy Christmas Tree

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This huge tree at the Radisson SAS must have a ton of decoration on it. Almost every branch has 4-5 large ornaments. And look at all those goodies at the bottom. Or are they empty boxes?

Crib – Kuwaiti Style

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This is a very creative crib at the Cathedral in Kuwait City. It includes the Kuwait Towers, the Liberation Tower, some of the distinct buildings around the city and looks like the First Ring Road project extends all the way there too.

Modern Fruit Basket

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Was greeted with this modern fruit basket at the hotel. Just had to take a pic.

This was the view from my hotel room. Its a real great ad. Three hands holding Nokia phones. Those hands remind me of The Adams Family. And a whole bunch of people (shaped from neon lights) dancing and stuff. Looks even better at night…

Patriotic Lexus

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Was in Dubai for their Nation Day on Dec 2nd when I saw this Lexus pass by. Its painted in the national flag colors. Very patriotic. Wonder what he used to get the paint on and how easily it will come off!

The GLC Christmas celebration was a blast this Thursday. Lots of carols and plenty of spot prizes. The music ministry singing carols… “Feliz Navidad” with a spanish dance… Santa walks in with the goodies… Santa joins the carolers…

…To get to the Pigeon Festival in Kuwait City. Look at this pic!!! Having a jolly good picnic there. All the cars slowed down or stopped to let the pigeons cross the road!!!

Dubai – Terminal 3

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I’m back in Dubai for a few days. This time I came in on Emirates and got to check out the all new Terminal 3. Its super! Love the wide spaces, indoor palm trees, reflective ceilings and not as much walking to do as the old one. I have no idea what these lights represent, [...]

Wicked but Bland Paint Job

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Saw this Dodge Charger in my garage on the way to work. It really caught my attention. Unlike all the other cars, this one was NOT glossy and shining. And it looked real good. Maybe the red highlights on the tires and rear make it stand out! Its some sort of bland paint job and [...]

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