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I think almost everyone eventually starts to complain about how slow their computers are, especially how long it takes to boot up and then get ready for use.  Manually fiddling with the windows registry and other start up options got to be a habit till I decided to give Soluto a try. Soluto is actually [...]


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DuoLingo is a neat concept. You get to learn a new language for free and participate in translating the web to that language. The application itself seems to be improving constantly with invites being the latest feature. I have a few to give out so send me your email addresses if you want in. I [...]

Ro needed some sound editing for a Christmas tableau her team is working on. Some overlaying, some cropping, noise reduction and other magic. Audacity is the best software I’m aware of that’s free, easy to use and gets the job done. There is a 1.3.12 Beta version which I’ve found quite stable actually. It supports [...]

Banana Toffee?

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What comes to your mind when you first look at this? I guess the chaps at China Kitchen are not keen on presentation.

The Nokia netbooklet 3G is the neatest looking netbook I’ve seen. Its also the most expensive @ KWD 259/-. BIM received this unit from Nokia for testing and review and I went over to check it out. It’s got an amazing 12 hour batter life, a sim card slot for 3G net access, its got [...]

I came across this great website for comparing camera features. Snapsort allows you to pick two camera models and compare them feature wise. It also shows you the clear winner between them. I just love the simplicity of the site. But although its very informative, some user / editor reviews on the same page would [...]

Review: Sabah Wa Masaa

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We were at the 360 mall, checking out the food court when we noticed this restaurant and decided to give it a go. Supposedly its one of Lebanon’s finest restaurants. The decor inside the restaurant is very nice. Its pretty spacious with large tables. The constant flow of water from their indoor waterfalls were a [...]

Best Electronics – NOT

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After all the hype with Best Electronics, Ro and I decided to drop in and check it out. I must say I was very disappointed. The only interesting section was a tiny display with solar powered cell phones and a netbook with a built-in touch screen track pad. Both were display-only items and not for [...]

Indian Delights is a relatively new eat-out in Salmiya. We noticed it a few times but all those lights hanging out put us off from entering every time we passed by! Not this time though since it was pretty late and we were terribly hungry. First off, I must say that the decor is incredible [...]

Review: Pizza Express

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Its been a while since we ate at Pizza Express. In fact we had only eaten there once before when Amber introduced us to her favorite pizza place in Kuwait. Since we were at the Avenues and Ro was very hungry we decided to pop in for a quick meal. As usual the food court [...]

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