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Recently I got the chance to evaluate Microsoft Dynamics. The demo toolkit however was delivered using the VM Express technology from Prowess [link]. In short, VM Express provides the framework and mechanism for deploying virtual machines. It also has options to deliver other content including documentation, videos, etc. Its a pretty neat concept. A nice [...]

Ro was in the mood for some sea food and so we went cruising up the Gulf Road to see if anything caught our fancy. When we hit Kuwait Towers, we noticed the “Fish market”. I tried to eat there one afternoon a few months ago but for some reason they were closed. This time [...]

Watched Quantum of Solace last night… the 22nd Bond Movie. Booked my Monday ticket on 3 days in advance to take advantage of the cheaper 1.5KD tickets and get great seats… top row center screen. The movie was great. Great action, suttle comedy (about Bond killing everyone) and a lot of censored scenes. The [...]

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