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I think almost everyone eventually starts to complain about how slow their computers are, especially how long it takes to boot up and then get ready for use.  Manually fiddling with the windows registry and other start up options got to be a habit till I decided to give Soluto a try. Soluto is actually [...]

After 7 years of good service, my curved Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard started malfunctioning. Since that model is outdated I started researching some newer ones and came across Vertical Keyboards. The one in the picture above is from SafeType. They have a great video about the problems you get from using normal keyboards. I feel everyone [...]

Came across this great piece of software called Ninite. It’s a handy little tool that helps you install all the little apps you love having on your laptop or desktop. They support a lot of applications and have them categorized as browsers, messaging, media, utilities, imaging, security and so on. To start, visit the website [...]

Smore Designs

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Smore is neat online tool you can use to create beautiful flyers instantly. I liked the above example for website stats the best!

Pimp Your QR Code

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QRhacker is an excellent tool to come up with some funky QR codes. I didn’t think QR codes would work in color! The tool is real simple to use and in less than a minute you have your pimped QR code all ready for use. Give it a go. Print a copy and stick it [...]

Very often, working on windows can drive you mad. Looks like these guys couldn’t take it anymore. They jut decided to burn the laptops. Must have been inspired by the 7 million tires burning in the desert. Wonder if my company has any policies on burning laptops. Actually it’s silly to burn the laptops just [...]

Sometimes it feels like email is just taking over my life and there is no time to do anything productive. So I decided to pull up some statistics on my usage. I needed to find out how much email I send and receive and to/from whom. OutlookStatView is a great tool for the job. Just download [...]

Finding good wallpapers for your desktop can be quite a task at times. Some themes have nice ones and others no so nice. I like my desktop wallpaper to rotate every 30 seconds so my machine seems more “alive”. A good, easy & most importantly “free” source for wallpapers is the Microsoft Windows themes site. [...]

DNS Propagation Check

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A little while back, I moved to a better server and as usual DNS is the biggest pain when changing servers. I came across this great DNS Propagation Tool from WhatsMyDNS. It tells you if most of the world is accessing your site at the old server or the new one!

Now that all the ground work was done it was time to plan the implementation. Considering that we would have people with both high and low speed internet connections watching, I decided to take live streaming to the next level and stream 2 qualities of video simultaneously. For those with a high speed internet connection [...]

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