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Windows 7 Ultimate

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Everyone is talking about it so I decided to install the new “FREE” Windows 7 RC, which is named Windows Ultimate. I have to say I was impressed with the install process. It was quick and didn’t ask too many questions. The graphics too look much better. I see they are trying to keep up [...]

Just a few days back I posted about buying Office Enterprise for KWD 6/- [link]. At the time they mentioned the order would take 3 weeks to deliver. I got my copy yesterday in just 5 days. Not bad! It was shipped out of Germany and the breakup of the cost for customs was interesting… [...]

PHP Performance Tips from Google

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I think its nice of Google to share these tips with developers on how to improve the users’ web experience by speeding it up. They have put together a lot of useful resources. [link] I like the PHP tips especially since I do code a lot in PHP.

Yep, you read the title correct. I just bought Office Enterprise 2007 from Microsoft for USD 21.95 (about KWD 6.330). Compare that to the cheapest Home & Student version on offer for USD 149.95. Its a real bargain. This fancy pricing is the benefit you get when your company subscribes to the Microsoft Home Use [...]

So Zain has a new website design. It looks way better than the previous one. Only looks better. Functionally, its not as good. All I needed to do was recharge my wife’s Zain line. Two problems: 1) It takes a while before you can figure out where the eeZee Cars links disappeared to! 2) Once [...]

Our previous IT management chose the more web-based approach by signing up for a corporate account with Google Apps and then picking open-source platforms for our CRM, ERP, etc. The current one is opting out of it and for a more expensive Microsoft deal! This new deal includes a complete Microsoft branded solution from infrastructure all [...]

Breaking the Application Bottleneck is a very nice on-demand webinar from Cisco. It basically emphasises that you should optimise your existing infrastructure instead of upgrading bandwidth and hardware to make up for incompetent network administration. This webinar advertises the Cisco WAAS Wide Area Application Delivery solution as well as the Cisco ACE Application Control Engine. [...]

So, Kumo is now Bing. But the big deal in the travel industry is that there is a “Travel” menu on the home page. You don’t see that on Google! I decided to give it a quick try. First impression is that it’s a Kayak clone. Design-wise, its more appealing. The only unique feature seems [...]

Are you ready for the Wave?

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This is communication on steroids!!! You have got to watch this. And I have got to get a test account here!

So, now your thinking, is that a Mac or is this some kind of Photoshop trick!!!  Yes, its a Mac, its OSX 10.4 and that is MySabre working perfectly in FireFox! It does look shitty especailly that big urgly yellow area that chops off the right side of your terminal!  I decided it was time [...]

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