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Zain Exhibition

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Well, to be honest, I only went there to check out the water bottle wall. Saw it on Chikapappi’s blog. [link] The exhibition was at Mishref Fair grounds and was mainly for all Zain partners to showcase their wares. There were a lot of offers at every stall but overall it was the same stuff [...]

Microsoft Discounts & Offers

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Don’t leave money on the table! Act now. Save now. [link] Not sure to what extent the local Microsoft reps and dealers are willing to honour these offers, but it gives you a good idea that most of their products are overpriced and can be discounted by 15%-20% in most cases and in some cases [...]

VM Express – Update Error

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Here is a quick workaround to get your VM Express player up and running. Seems it tries to connect to the Internet for updates every time you open it. Now if there is a problem downloading that update, you will see the error above. Just disable your network card before you open the player and [...]

Recently I got the chance to evaluate Microsoft Dynamics. The demo toolkit however was delivered using the VM Express technology from Prowess [link]. In short, VM Express provides the framework and mechanism for deploying virtual machines. It also has options to deliver other content including documentation, videos, etc. Its a pretty neat concept. A nice [...]

Bollywood iTunes

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An awesome Bollywood version of Apple’s iconic iTunes ads! Dancers are silhouetted against a greenscreen, performing classical Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Indian folk, hip-hop, and modern Bollywood dance. The song used is “Bachna Ae Haseeno” from the movie Bachna Ae Haseeno, starring Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Bipasha Basu.

Fixing DNS Issues

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Ray mentioned previously that he had timeout issues with the blog. He also brought to my attention yesterday that my Genealogy site was having issues. Now that’s a site with a lot of hits so I decided to take a look into the matter on priority and figure out why there were issues. I used [...]

Google O3D

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This is facinating. I can see a lot of potential using this as a part of Travel Destination guides. Possibly as a virtual tour. Should load much faster and use a lot less bandwidth than the current video option.

Color Filter in Google Images

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I just noticed this on Google Image search [link]. You can filter images by color now. Its a pretty neat feature. Should come in very handy for web & graphic designers. I ran a couple of test searches for Kuwait and filtered them on color. Quite a difference in the results. Red returns mostly flags. [...]

Cell Phone Hack by SMS

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This is interesting… “Be careful who you give your mobile phone number out to. An attacker with the right toolkits and skill could hijack your phone remotely just by sending SMS messages to it, according to mobile security firm Trust Digital. In what it calls a ‘Midnight Raid Attack’ because it would be most effective [...]

I gotta try this someday!

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