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Disappearing Car Door

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This is a wild idea!!! Haven’t seen any cars in Kuwait with these fancy doors! Have u?


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This is a real cool way to move around. Though maybe not in Kuwait!!! The PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility) is designed for short trips beyond “walking distance”. That walking distance varies from person to person. Mine would be any place I can reach in 1 min or so, like from my flat to the [...]

BumpTop – new desktop concept

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I love the concept. Its a great desktop hack. But I’m struggling to download the beta version. Its been stuck at 97% since last night.

Control your Car from an IPOD

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Well, actually you can control it from anywhere over the Internet. This is just great!  This would be great in Kuwait cause we could start the car and switch on the air conditioning 5 mins before leaving the desk. Should be fun to randomly honk or turn up the music too!

“Eight Chinese who used high-tech communications equipment, including mobile phones and wireless earpieces, to help their children cheat at university entrance exams have been jailed on state secret charges, local media said. The eight, from the wealthy eastern province of Zhejiang, got together in 2007 to plot how to help their children as “they knew [...]

I’ve been Twitter-ized

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I’ve just recently signed up on twitter. A lot of people seem to be using it, but I still don’t get it. To make real use of it, I’d need to keep a 24hr watch on twitter and all these tweets and that could be a real waste of time. I guess its fine for [...]

Online Music and Videos

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This is a great medley on online music and videos. Good thing we don’t have the RIAA in Kuwait.

Simplicity Sells

In: Technology

Pogue is a really great presenter. And he’s talented. Love the way he bashes Microsoft in the presentation.

Sixth Sense

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Got this link via Bashar’s blog [Link]. Its just amazing, the future is not so far anymore. TED is sharing its video collection. Beats paying $6000 to attend.

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