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Nice Chrome Ad

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Love this Google Chrome ad. Shows how Chrome kept it simple.

This is an amazing video. I think this should be the future of destination guides.  [Link] A website where everything is mapped and can be planned. An interactive “Microsoft surface” type touch screen table. And a huge wall to project Google Earth on for a 3d tour.

Offline Gmail

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Another crazy feature from Gmail. I’m gonna give it a try this week.

Gmail Goggles

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This is a crazy feature of gmail. Its designed to help you avoid embarrasment just in case you get drunk, emotional and then login to Gmail and decide to express your feelings to your boss or whoever. Fairly easy to setup. Go to settings -> labs and enable the option. Then select the times when [...]

  For about 1 hour or so yesterday evening,  every site I tried to access from the google search was blocked by Google. “This site may harm your computer” it seems. Seems there was some involvement with who google uses to flag sites as malicious.  There was a fairly simple workaround  of typing in the [...]

Time to Revamp

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Now that I’ve compelted all major updates to, its time to focus on rebuilding my favorite site, I took down the site a few months back since the scripts were not compatible with the new server. Work has kept me rather busy but I’m gonna try to have this site up and running [...]

History of the Internet

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Found this on Adrenalinefix.  Its interesting to note how the internet basically evolved from Americ’s fear of being attacked first by Russia and then by Cuba!!!

The Mac Story

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Apple celebrates 25 years since the first sale. Check out these videos.

Sabre is the tool travel agents use to book airline tickets. Its a web based app that only runs in IE 5.5 on Windows. Or so Sabre says. 2 years ago I got it working on Firefox on a Linux thin client. Today I got bored and tried to get it running on Google Chrome, [...]

LG Watchphone

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This is great. But how do you hold up a watch-phone to your ear? I’m not too fond of using handsfree devices unless i’m driving. And what happens when you need to sms?

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