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A few weeks back, just a few days before the GCCR Conference started, Felix rang up and asked if we could Video Stream the event LIVE on the website! I was quite skeptical and said it would be better to just record it and upload the recording a few weeks later. However, I was curious [...]

Web Pages in 3D

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Came across this nice tool called Tilt today. It’s a Firefox plugin that generates 3D models of web pages so you can see how ugly your code is. Or rather how complicated. I ran it two sites and saw quite a difference between the older site and the latest one.

Google Error 502

In: Technology

This is very strange. For the last 5 minutes I’ve been getting this error on IE and FireFox when accessing the Google homepage. But it seems to work just fine in Chrome! Looks like Chrome users are directed to different server and hence the experience is always faster.

See What You Print

In: Technology

I really like this printer concept. Came across it on CNET. With everything going touch screen, it’s about time the printer was re-invented. I guess we could just  stick an iPad or Android tablet on top of one of these existing portable printers and we would get the same effect.

Textify Your Images

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Came across Textify today. It’s a pretty cool site allowing you to convert your photos to a text version. You can drag your photos onto the page and pick the alphabets and other font settings you need and then save the generated text image. The smaller the font size, the clearer the image. I took [...]

Google Web Fonts

In: Technology

I was looking for some free fonts and came across this free Webfonts project by Google. It’s pretty cool. There are some 229 odd free fonts for use both on your desktop as well as the net. And they even have a little utility there to help you keep them up to date. You can [...]

HTML5 – Flight of the Navigator

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I didn’t take HTML 5 very seriously till I saw this video made by the Mozilla team. I still can’t believe its all in Javascript. That’s right it’s a video built from code. Even the music is built from code. Too bad it didn’t run in Firefox but it ran pretty well on Chrome.

Microsoft Operations Framework

In: Technology

The Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) is a very interesting offering from Microsoft. Basically its a free guideline on how to manage the IT service life-cycle … a Microsoft version of ITIL for MS products. I gave it a quick look over and it does seem to cover everything ITIL does but in its own way. Too bad [...]

Android Virtual Devices

In: Technology

A few months back I upgraded one of my experimental applications to work with touch devices like the iPad and iPhone. I’ve been in the mood to experiment some more with development for touch devices, in particular Android devices.  There are quite a few hardware devices out there, Galaxy Tab being the most popular …in [...]

Google’s Periodic Table of APIs

In: Technology

This table is a very interesting depiction of Google’s developer APIs. Just like the periodic table from chemistry. And looking at some of the individual elements, we have Android representing Hydrogen, Transit Feed representing Oxygen and Double Click for Publishers representing my all time favorite chemical element … Plum Bum (aka Lead).

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