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I came across this interesting site… 20 Things I Learned About Browsers And The Web. It seems to be a self-advertising showcase for Google’s Chrome browser but I really like the presentation. I think all “so called” IT folk (especially the non-cloud, non-open-source types) should read through this online book to get a basic idea [...]

Review: LG HS200G Projector

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A few days back, I blogged about how I used a projector to setup my “Theatre @ Home” to watch movies as well as play the Wii. Here is the review. Ro needed a small portable projector to use for her presentations. After looking around in Hawalli and all the major super/hyper/mega  markets there were [...]

Storage for IT

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I had to check on one of our Linux servers the other day and since our server room is next to the store room I got a glance at the current state of our store room. Damn!!! That’s a lot of LCD monitors and desktops stacked all along the wall. Seems most of them are [...]

Theatre @ Home

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I just picked up a project this week for Ro. After using it for a few hours …it’s no longer for Ro. Watching movies at home is fantastic now. A 90″ screen compared to my existing 29″. I’ve gotta find a better wall to project on since the only spare wall we could find had [...]

I came across two very interesting articles on OpenBTS at EngineeringForChange and HookedOnMobile. This open source project allows anyone to setup their own GSM network for about $4,500 offering a 16KM radius of service. I believe this is a game changer. It reminds me of the WiFi mesh I setup a few years ago in [...]

New Look for BBC News

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I came across this on the BBC news blogs section. For those who would like to create their own news websites or even blogs the article and slideshow give a good idea of what areas need a lot more attention to detail. I think its great of them to share this new functional design document.

Honda U3-X

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I was planning on buying a Segway. Guess I’ll wait till this baby comes out. The Honda U3-X is way more compact and you don’t have to stand during the whole ride.

The Nokia netbooklet 3G is the neatest looking netbook I’ve seen. Its also the most expensive @ KWD 259/-. BIM received this unit from Nokia for testing and review and I went over to check it out. It’s got an amazing 12 hour batter life, a sim card slot for 3G net access, its got [...]

Tim swung by the office on Thursday carrying this hi-tech bag. Those shiny tiles on the front of the bag are solar panels. Seems the bag works great and he has his iPad and phone recharging off the internal battery. The bag is manufactured by Voltaic. They have other models including one called the Generator [...]

AR Gaming

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Augmented Reality (AR) looks like a great new way to play games. Especially good for taking non-smoking breaks at the office. Just print-out the game board, lay it on a table and switch on your touch screen cell phones. I’d like to see some nice multi-player games with this technology. Should be fun… especially when [...]

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