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This is going to come as a shocker to a whole bunch of companies (mine included) that moved (or tried to) from Google Apps to a Microsoft platform . Yes I’m smiling about it cause I’m pro-hosted and pro-web apps. Also, Outlook sucks. Below is an extract from Lauren’s blog. REDMOND, Wash., April 1 /PRNewzwire/ [...]

Antarctic Adventure

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This was the first computer game I got addicted to back in 1985 with my first MSX computer. Found a MSX emulator for the N900 and immediately remembered this game. I found this video on YouTube with a funny documentary on the game.

Farmville on Facebook

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Apps on Facebook have been around for a while now and one of the more popular apps I’ve seen my friends and office colleagues on is Farmville. Everybody is trying to be a farmer. I was least interested in this app but about 10 days back I decided to check this out and created my [...]

QR Barcodes

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If you have a barcode scanning software on your cell phone, point the camera at the image above and click. Its actually a link to my blog. This is an amazing barcode. You can create you own at this link. The idea of this barcode is to have it on t-shirts, posters, magazine where people [...]

N900 Net Tablet

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The N900 from Nokia is termed as an Internet Tablet with phone capabilities. Wide-screen, touch-screen (finger and stylus), sliding QWERTY keyboard, GPS, Wifi, FM transmitter and receiver, 5MP camera with a Zeiss lens, TV out, 600Mhz processor, OpenGL graphics support, 1 GB ram, 32 GB storage, app store, email client, FireFox browser and it runs [...]

InfoBiz Kuwait 2010

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Well, I thought I already posted about this last week but since I didn’t, here it is. The not-so-great InfoBiz exhibition took place last week. As usual, there were more cell phone companies than technology companies displaying their wares. And the most eye catching stand was the Wataniya one. They were probably the only ones [...]

Sabre on a 42″ Monitor

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This is the height of craziness. Running a command line application on a 42″ screen. Had to pull up Sabre during my demo today and this screen looked really odd compared to the extremely cramped and complicated interface of Dynamics AX.

The Virtual Roundtable

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We have had this RoundTable gadget from Polycom lying at the office for sometime now. Its basically a  high-end webcam. It sends out two images to the laptop. The first is a panoramic (360) view of the office. Useful to catch those lazies falling asleep during our calls. And the second is an image of [...]

IP Camera

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Smile, my IP address is Probably the dumbest thing to do is have an IP camera advertise its IP address.

Boost Wii Performance With WBFS

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Yes, that’s right you can boost the performance of your Wii games by using WBFS. WBFS stands for Wii Backup File System and the basic performance boost comes from running all your games off a HDD instead of a DVD. Most of the Wii games take some time to “load” and some games like Need [...]

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