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ShrewSoft – Cisco VPN Alternate

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Cisco has installed all kinds of new equipment at the office from core switches to a bunch of noisy appliances … two racks full! Now all this is supposed to make the network better but I’ve not been able to connect into the office from home using their ultra secure VPN connection. Why? The geni-asses [...]

The Windows 7 BootMgr Error!

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So after waiting for several months for a more powerful laptop, the company finally gives me one. Although it has no touch screen, a lousy 2 hr battery time and weighs a ton, its an improvement over my existing one. I ask the microsoft experts to setup 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise so I can run [...]

Hi-Tech Knockers

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Nope, its not the knockers you were thinking about!!! This is a nice little gadget to have for those who keep fumbling and struggling with their door keys. Now your door keys can be replaced with some simple knocking.

Somehow Microsoft’s Forefront Security detects UltraVNC as harmful software. But the Remote Desktop sharing feature built into Windows isn’t harmful!

Windows Directory Statistics

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WinDirStat is a great piece of software all windows users need to have. This is one of the features from Linux I miss the most. Its basically a very graphical representation of your hard disk. I’ve been running out of disk space recently and just couldn’t pin point what was eating up all this space. [...]

Media Converter is a great site for converting YouTube videos to a decent format to watch natively on your laptop or cell phone. I came across this site recently when Ro wanted to save a video for offline viewing on her new cell. Another beautiful feature is the conversion to mp3 format in case you [...]

Hacked Wii for KWD 75/-

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These seem like good bargains at Electrozan. A Korean Wii (English menu) is going for KWD 75/-. There is a bundle selling for KWD 126/- with 4 games and a bag. I’ve not been able to make up my mind for a while on which gaming console to pickup so when I saw the deal [...]

Google’s Getting Too Big?

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Looks like google’s urls are growing too big for their browser

Google Reader Trends

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81 blog & news subscriptions are quite a bit to keep track of. I’ve been using Google Reader for a while now and I like the “trends” menu they have. On a daily basis, looks like the bulk of posts popup between 4pm-8pm. On a weekly basis, Tuesday seems to be very popular. Looks like [...]

To Patent or Not

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There has been some talk at the office about applying for software patents for one of the applications I developed a while back. Seems its a one of a kind application and the competition is getting curious. I did some digging around on the net. A very interesting site on the evils of patents is [...]

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