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Extending Your VMWare Disk

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I was downloading a ton of files on one of my virtual machines when I noticed that it started to run out of disk space. Now this was the first time I had this issue with a virtual machine so I did a little digging on google. The solution is pretty easy but its a [...]

Windows XP Fundamentals

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Till yesterday, I had no idea this software existed. And neither did our Volume License administrator. And not even the Microsoft partners. I was planning to blog about the E-learning courses from Microsoft when I checked for some info on Wikipedia and came across this software which all volume licensing customers have access to. Windows Fundamentals [...]

This is one of the worst and slowest download managers I’ve ever seen. I decided to download the latest AX VM – Refresh 2 and since the files were a little big (19 files of 700mb each) it automatically popped up this file transfer manager. Even if you select to download 2 files at once, [...]

Fluent User Interface

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I’ve only started using the Office 2007 suite recently and after wasting a considerable amount of time digging around the “ribbon” menu system, I decided to take a course on this topic. The fist course I took was on the “Fluent User Interface”. Not sure why its called Fluent but the Ribbon is just one [...]

Xirrus WiFi Inspector

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I was checking out the WiFi networks in my neighborhood and was looking out for some tools on Windows XP. I came across the Xirrus WiFi Inspector. [link] I usually use Network Stumbler but the Xirrus tool has a very nice UI and the best part is the network plot. I think the network plot [...]

Windows 7 Sins

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Very interesting site and a must read for all. [link]

Installing Dynamics AX

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Well, with all this talk talk and more talk about Dynamics AX, I finally decided to sit in at an installation! And bot was it an install. This is one of the most complex installation applications I’ve seen from Microsoft. Even the Wizard was confusing! After the AX server is installed on your machine it [...]

EasyVMX 2.0

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I recently setup a Linux VMWare image to run as a separate host only machine. However, while working on it I realised that I needed to copy some files over and couldn’t find the USB option on VMPlayer. That would mean a manual VMX edit. But who remembers all those settings. While looking up the [...]

We are implementing Dynamics AX at the office and the Microsoft partners have been bragging a lot about the Sure Step Methodology that they use. Sure Step is basically a comprehensive guideline for project managers with PartnerSource companies. It provides a clear outline of all the milestones and tasks needed to successfully implement a project. [...]

Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

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“Sure Step” from Microsoft seems like a great tool for project planning and implementations! Will post more on this soon!

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