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WEP Cracking with Backtrack!

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This is a very nice tutorial on WEP cracking using Backtrack. I’ve used the Auditor live cd  previously and it was an amazing collection of tools! Maybe i’ll give it a try this weekend!

I stumbled on Grid Republic today! [link] Its a pretty neat concept. You can volunteer your excess computing power by joining the computing grid for various worthy projects. Amazingly the process to get started is very simple. Just enter your name, email address and pick a password. On the next step you pick the project [...]

VMWare Converter

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I’ve been looking for a way to convert my physical linux machines to virtual ones. I’ve also been looking to convert Microsoft Virtual PC images to VMWare images. I came across VMWare Converter which does exactly that. However to convert Linux machines you need to have one of the VMWare infrastructure products. Its a fairly [...]

Browser UI

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The maximize button is my friend. Toolbars are my enemies. That’s the summary from this interesting article on Cnet which compares UI features in browsers. [link] I have to agree with them. I don’t like having any toolbars including that bookmarks toolbar visible all the time! I believe that browsers, as an application, should be invisible [...]

Microsoft E-Learning Flaw

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Found a big flaw in the Microsoft E-Learning offline viewer. They have a great feature to download courses for offline viewing. However if you download a course from a different source (like from Dynamics instead of the regular elearning site) it deletes all your previously downloaded courses

Microsoft Volume Licensing

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So you spend a million bucks (almost) on this Volume License from Microsoft and here is what they have to show for it! A pouch full of DVDs. On the plus side it looks nicer than the ol pouch with your MSDN subscription but these guys left a whole bunch of disc separators in there [...]

Microsoft E-Learning

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With all these new Microsoft technologies being introduced at the office, I decided to check out the training material Microsoft has for these. You need to go to their e-learning site [link] and sign-in with your Microsoft Passport  to access the training material. There are a lot of topics to choose from and some of [...]

Video User Guides

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It was a thursday, around 7pm and just as I was leaving work I got a mail asking me for a user guide for a new software we rolled out for our embassy client in Amman. And they need to be trained and up and running by Sunday. Well, it was my fault since I [...]

VMWare Infrastructure is Great!

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I have a few physical Linux servers (or rather hi-spec desktops) at work and its high time I move them into a virtual environment. Although the company is moving to an all Microsoft Environment I’ve decided to try out VMWare Infrastructure since the VMWare client has always been my favorite for running virtual linux test [...]

Google AdSense Sucks!

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Well I’ve decided to remove the ads totally from my blog, for now at least! I had google’s AdSense running all this while till they decided to “disable” my adsense account without a proper reaons. Here is the email they sent me: “While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense account has posed a [...]

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