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VirtuallyThere Updated

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This is the new interface of Sabre’s VirtuallyThere. New logo too. I must say its a great improvement over the last one. Howevew the e-Ticket screen isn’t so great. Seems Sabre Middle East is now allowing its agents to customize the look and feel of this tool. However they don’t allow for any custom formatting [...]


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The return flight from Dubai on Emirates was great. Looked like a new 777 aircraft. And the most amazing thing was this new version of ICE coupled with wide-screen displays on every seat in economy (no, my company won’t pay for a business class ticket). The control too was new with a nice led display, [...]

Emirates WiFi

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I’m off to Dubai for a few days. Was amazed when I heard an announcement that we can use our regular phones in flight once we reach 37,000ft. Seems they also have on-board wifi. Had I known in advance, I would have kept my phone and laptop handy to try it out. Hope its available [...]

This is an amazing video. I think this should be the future of destination guides.  [Link] A website where everything is mapped and can be planned. An interactive “Microsoft surface” type touch screen table. And a huge wall to project Google Earth on for a 3d tour.

Sabre is the tool travel agents use to book airline tickets. Its a web based app that only runs in IE 5.5 on Windows. Or so Sabre says. 2 years ago I got it working on Firefox on a Linux thin client. Today I got bored and tried to get it running on Google Chrome, [...]

Back in Dubai for a very busy 2 days. Took the Emirates flight. Now this happens too often to me, but usually with touch screen kiosks. I managed to reboot ICE, which is the in-flight entertainment system on Emirates. Looks like some kind of thin-client application and it took about 5 minutes to download to [...]

Virgin Wi-Fi

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This is amazing. Wi-fi inflight. Looks like it will only work if your flying over land though

This is real cool. American Airlines has just introduced this service where you can choose to email your boarding pass to your cell phone. Its a 2-D code of sorts which you show at the gate. Very nice!!! I think all airlines should have this option.

I tried this out and its real cool although it takes a lil while to start up. I recommend upgrading to the latest version of Google Earth for this. Overall the new GoogleEarth is great. I think this 3D technology on google earth should be used more on travel websites. People can get a better [...]

Intel CEO Paul Otellini demonstrates and discusses the future of collaboration and talks about Intel’s business model, including how it approaches R&D, at the 2008 Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. This gadget in the demo will come in really handy for travellers. Just point your camera to a sign board and you get instant [...]

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