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Best Value Ramadan Getaways?

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There is a very interesting feature in the Travel section at Arabian Business… Best value Ramadan getaways! They have priced trips from Riyad, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha & Kuwait to Beirut, London, Kochi, Bangkok, Manila & New York. Now except Beirut, all the other places have rainy weather, mostly heavy thunderstorms. I know its really [...]

Hotel Missoni Special Offer

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I noticed a special offer today on the NBK site for Hotel Missoni in Kuwait. They offer a special rate of 79 KWD per night but the Missoni website shows the same room for 63 KWD. What’s special about this offer?  

Spray Can Painting in Rome

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I came across this video today. Reminded me of the time we watched one of them do about 3 paintings in 10 mins near the Roman Forum. These street side artists are amazing. Usually, in 5-6 minutes they can dish out some pretty cool graphics. And only using a few cans of spray paint, some [...]

The arrivals page on the Abu Dhabi airport website is interesting. It gives you the option to search for flights that landed the previous day but nothing ever shows up. It’s like no flight landed yesterday! Seems you can’t get info on any flight 1 hour after it lands. Makes sense since you’ll probably have [...]

Dust Storm Inside Kuwait Airport

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Today afternoon we had quite the dust storm. Strong winds and very low visibility. I went to the airport in the evening and it was insane. Almost all the airport staff were wearing dust masks. There was a light dust cloud inside the airport. Even in the restaurants! It was quite suffocating. I’ve never seen [...]

Duty Free & Chocolates

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Came across some interesting facts about the Airport Duty Free at  Singapore on SimpliFlying. They sold 4.5 million boxes of chocolates last year. Also found out that the UK duty free chain sells about 92 tonnes of chocolates just during Christmas alone. That’s a lot of chocolate! We normally pickup 3-4 boxes of chocolates every [...]

Flying 101 with Kulula

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I just came across these airplane pics of Kulula. Great paint job! I feel more airlines should get creative like this. I’m trying to imagine what something like this would look like in Arabic. Kuwait Airways, maybe a new paint job “تحلق 101” could be part of your restructuring plan.

Lifeguards in India

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On our last vacation in India we managed to visit the beaches at Goa as well as Chennai. There was a huge difference in the lifeguad / beach patrol services at both places. In Goa they patrol the beaches in jeeps equipped with surf boards and other life saving necessities. The lifeguards themselves wear sea-worthy [...]

Kandyan Ves Dancers

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Ro and I stepped into this hotel for dinner and since it was Wedding Season in Sri Lanka, the hallway at one point was blocked for the wedding procession. And the procession was led by “Ves” dancers. Seems its a tradition at most weddings to hire “Ves” dancers. These guys are amazing. They wear about [...]

Garbage in Goa

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What is happening in Goa? In most villages along the main roads you can see these “do not dump your garbage here” signs and people seem to dump their garbage only in those places.

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