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British Airways Bowling Tournament

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British Airways organised a Bowling Tournament today evening for its GSA and top agents. The event was held at the Cosmo Bowling center at Discovery Mall. Although very few people were present when the event started, the place was packed full by the time it was over. All 10 lanes. It was a great mix [...]

Cruise Ship Hotels

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Or cruise ship shaped hotels? At first glance the above Queen Elizabeth “cruise ship” looks pretty real. But its actually a Turkish hotel in the shape of a huge cruise ship. I came across it recently. Interestingly enough, it seems Qatar will be using real cruise ships to accommodate a lot of its guests for the 2022 [...]

Exposed Feet in Rainy Rome

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Found this image while clearing up my photo collection. Ro and I were walking around Rome and the Vatican, in the cold rain, when we realized we were the only ones not wearing closed shoes. Do doubt it got a bit chilly sometimes (especially while waiting in those long queues) …but at the end of [...]

I came across this interesting post on MSN taken from Woman’s Day. With almost everyone travelling more often than ever nowadays it’s nice to know what the people who serve you really feel and have to say. I found this point the most interesting… “We’re Here To Ensure Your Safety… not cater to your every need” …and [...]

Was checking out Expedia’s Hotel Ranking page and Al Manshar Rotana in Fahaheel – Kuwait came up as the 4th best hotel in the world according to their users. Guess everyone loves their huge rooms and corridors.

Colorful Railway Station

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Standing on the platform in Perpignan, France, you will see the most colorful buildings in the world. And if your on that platform real early in the morning still half-asleep, you might wonder just how much you had to drink the previous night.

Where Italians Grow their Trees

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Take a look at the pic above. Now take a look at the one below.

Searching for the Pantheon

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So we were in Italy and the Pantheon was on our to-visit list. All we really know was that it was a building with big marble columns in the front. After getting lost while walking around Rome in the evening, we stumbled on the building in the picture above. And since there were a lot [...]

Italian Rickshaws

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Yep, that’s what they are called. Italian electric Pasquali Rickshaws. “Riscio Elettrico Pasquali”. We saw them all over Rome and Florence. Real tiny 3- wheeler cars. An they park alongside the bikes and scooters and hook up to charging stations around the city. These cars would do great in a market like India. Don’t think [...]

All Them Paintings

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The painting above is my favorite of all the paintings across the Musei Vaticani, Uffizzi Gallery, Galleria Academia and the Louvre. It’s called “The Monkey Painter” and is on display at the Louvre. Of the thousands of paintings Ro and I looked at, only a handful caught our attention. I guess this monkey painted the [...]

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