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No Smoking – Be Happy

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We came upon this odd looking tent like structure while we were walking around Bologna. The entrance was shaped like a cigarette so initially I thought they were advertising for some new cigarette. Seems its a campaign against smoking. Their slogan is No Smoking – Be Happy. Catchy-ish. Here is the translated version of the site. [...]

Italian Mafia = Dead End

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This is the entrance to the Mafia Street in Florence. They were kind enough to inform visitors that its a dead end too. In case your wondering, I didn’t bother entering that lane.

Roman Streets

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Look at the picture above and then look at the picture below. Same street but you wouldn’t realize how amazing it is till you take in the whole view. Buildings constructed in the midst of some old ruins. Looks real  rustic.

Italian Railways

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In case anyone plans to use the Italian railways, better book well in advance. They use Windows and like to advertise their frequent system crashes on the displays around the reservation counters.

Back from my Eurotrip

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Yep, I’m back in town after a two week trip through Italy and France. Have a lot to post about after I manage to clear a ton of unread email from my personal inbox. The pic of the clock tower or rather tower of clocks was taken in Paris outside Saint Lazare. Looks cool.

ABC’s of Travel

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Bing has a new slideshow called the ABC’s of Travel. They have put together the top destination for each alphabet of the English letter. It’s a nice attempt and was interesting to know that Xi’an was the top destination starting with a X. The only problem I could see was that cities and countries were [...]

While I was at Bahrain duty free I noticed an exhibition section for paintings. The corner with the most amount of paintings was blocked with this portable lift contraption. Not sure if this was on purpose but it looked ridiculous and it has to make it to my blog!

Wataniya Airways First Class Service

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So this was my first trip on Wataniya Airways. I had to visit a client in Bahrain urgently and Wataniya had the cheapest rates. Even their First Class seats were cheaper than Economy on Gulf Air. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I had an annoying experience getting to their terminal but once I [...]

Kuwait Towers in Bahrain

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There is a restaurant in Bahrain, Al Abrajj (or something similar) whos logo is the Kuwait Towers. Wonder why! This photo didn’t come out too clear but you can still make out the logo. Its on this street near the Navy base. The street itself beats our “mataam” road in Salmiya with over a dozen [...]

Bahrain – Growing Fast

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I visited Bahrain after 3.5 years and in that time the place has changed a lot. Lotsa big buildings coming up and there is a massive Bahrain Bay project underway. It’s great to see that the locals are still very friendly and helpful. I think Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar are all trying to change their [...]

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