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Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m not fond of walking and that I’m a slow walker. I’m the guy that circles the parking lot 5 times just to get a spot closest to the lift just to avoid walking. A few months back Ro bought me these Skechers Shape-Ups Liv shoes. I initially liked the [...]

The HANS Device

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Came across an article about this head and neck restraint on caranddriver.com. It may not be such a bad idea to wear this gadget while driving in Kuwait, considering that almost everyone drives like they are in a race. “The HANS essentially works like an airbag. But instead of inflating a cushion to arrest occupant [...]

Petrol Station Queues

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Why are the fuel cables at petrol stations so long? They should be just long enough to reach the car. This fellow above couldn’t wait in line and then drove in front of me only to play tug-of-war with the fuel cable for a whole minute  before managing  to fill up his vehicle. This seemed [...]

Miami Beach in Kuwait?

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“Miami Beach”. That’s what the board says.

So! When its time to sell us their ERP, Microsoft’s overpriced source code license is not part of the proposal. Why? Because we aren’t doing any development, only our Microsoft partners are, so they can use their own source code license. That’s very generous of Microsoft. Except, we have two Gold partners working on the [...]

Wii Games: NFS Underground

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I’ve been playing NFS Underground on the Wii for a week now. The police chases are the best part of this game. I like the controls a lot too and its pretty easy to drive with a very natural feel to the steering. On the downside, the graphics are not that great. And another thing [...]

Magnatized Material

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Just imagine someone comes over to your office and delivers this huge 109kg box with big stickers all around saying “Magnetized Material”!!! And the delivery note attached with it says the same thing… 109 kgs of magnetized material. This about the commotion this thing caused! Is it the modern day Trojan horse? What do you [...]

This is one of the worst and slowest download managers I’ve ever seen. I decided to download the latest AX VM – Refresh 2 and since the files were a little big (19 files of 700mb each) it automatically popped up this file transfer manager. Even if you select to download 2 files at once, [...]

Sure Step Enterprise

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This took me a while to scan and stitch together. Its rather long but it will give you a clear idea of how much detail goes into implementing an enterprise scale project! Click on the image for a larger view.

Eli’s Jokes on YouTube

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There is an entire series of these jokes! Very funny! [link]

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