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Weird Ad

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This is all around the building on pink or green backgrounds!!! “I am a special customer and I wear special pieces and I get special service!” “I [heart] Al-Ostoura And Al-Ostoura [heart] me” Did some 5 year old put that together?

Chanda Mama

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This is amazing! This Indian song sounds fantastic when people from 3 other continents join in to sing along

Found this video on YouTube. Looks like this Indian Cook sweats it out before entering the kitchen! Or maybe he dances in the kitchen too!

Check out this monkey enjoying the drive on the Gulf Road. Yes, its a real monkey looking out. And yes, neither the monkey nor his buddy in the front seat are wearing a seatbelt. If Linda from 99.7 saw this I’m sure she’d scream at the driver to strap the little fellow in the back [...]

Happy Easter

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Wishing you and your families a Holy and Happy Easter. Now go get a tray of smiley easter eggs from your bakala!

Benzz Park Hotel

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A hotel like this could become very popular in Kuwait. This is the Benzz Park hotel in Chennai. I thought my wife was joking about this place till I saw it for real. Just check out the restaurants and halls… Porsche Multicusine Restaurant Ferrari – The 24 hours Coffee Shop Lexus – Bar Rover Banquet [...]

Russell Peters in Dubai

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This is one funny guy!!!

Gmail Invites

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Found this cartoon on the net and just had to post it!

Hypnotising Centerpoint Logo

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If you guys see any Centerpoint vans (above), look away or keep your distance from it. This new branding on the vans is dangerous. Quite hypnotising during the last afternoon drive. And personally I prefered the previous logo.

Bulldozer Approaching

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Is it real fun to drive around in a bulldozer on the highways? I’ve never seen a bulldozer driving around on the main roads in India. They are usually transported around on trailers. I guess since fuel is so cheap in Kuwait, its not a problem.

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