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The New Career Dashboard on Bayt

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Bayt now has this great new interactive dashboard. It’s got all kinds of new career tools that help you look at your career a completely different way. I love this “who’s looking for you” chart. Makes you wonder if you should start looking at other industries or countries. There is also this great new keyword [...]

Infographic Resumes

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I got a call recently from Monster about updating my resume and I decide to start working on it. I came across these very interesting samples in the form of infographics. They are really amazing and I never imagined people creating resumes like this. One site,, which is to launch very soon will be able to [...]

Parking Your Washing Machine

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Either this guy was pissed with people taking his parking spot or it was “bring your washing machine to work” day.

The Healthy Office Space

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My company moved office recently to Dajeej. I know, your thinking ‘Dajeej’ and laughing real hard. Yes, it’s nothing like the city but supposedly the rent is 10 times cheaper which means the company will save a bundle and hand out big bonuses this year …hopefully! Anyway, my new office/desk space sucks! It’s very depressing. [...]

I came across this ninety-ninety rule for projects today and it put a big smile on my face. “The first 90% of a project takes 90% of the time. The remaining 10% will use up the other 90%.” To some extent it seems to be true. I can relate to it first hand since a [...]

Storage for IT

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I had to check on one of our Linux servers the other day and since our server room is next to the store room I got a glance at the current state of our store room. Damn!!! That’s a lot of LCD monitors and desktops stacked all along the wall. Seems most of them are [...]

Another Big Fire in Dajeej

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Saw a huge plume of black smoke near the Sultan Wholesale Center in Dajeej today morning. It seems to be the carpet warehouse next door. Lots of fire trucks and some ambulances around the place. Hope no one was injured. These big fires seem to be a common sight in Dajeej. Seems a lot of companies (including [...]

Gearing Up for Extreme Heat

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Well everyone is cribbing about the extra hot summer we are having here in Kuwait. The people sitting in my office probably complain the most. Primarily cause our air conditioning sucks and its not been rectified for ages. To add to that we are on the ground floor facing the main road and every time [...] Classifieds?

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Am I the only one who thinks this is a ridiculous idea …a job site with a classifieds section!!! Can’t find a job? Why don’t you buy a wedding gown or a hummer instead. This new section makes the site kinda “cheap” (for lack of a better word). Now potential employers will probably spend more [...]

Giant Lighters

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If the chimneys at my office got their hands on these large size lighters they may never stop smoking. On the other hand, these are a little more difficult to loose and they would probably spend less time hunting for lighters.

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