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New Bayt Salary Survey

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This time around, the “Salary Search” from is ridiculous. The figures are all there, but the presentation is terrible. “Post your salary details anonymously to get FREE access to’s Salary Search”, but when you do post your info and try to access the salary search feature, you need to “Upgrade to Power Search” [...]

It People are Very Creative

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Who says IT people aren’t creative. This is probably the most expensive table in the company …powered by 2 P4′s

Raised Floor in 3 hours!

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This is one of the fastest “construction” jobs I’ve seen. These guys came into the office with some glue, a bunch of floor boards and some accessories and in 3 hours setup a raised floor in the IT room. This kind of worries me caz now I know that I’m really standing on a bunch of sticks [...]

How Busy Can You Be?

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A lot of people have been asking me why the blog hasn’t had any new posts recently. Well, I’ve been busy. Busy at work with multiple projects reaching deadline dates. Consultants coming into town to keep me occupied on the weekend. Colleagues all trying to pull me in to solve their issues. Busy at Church [...]

Resume Update Time Again

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Time to update my resume again. Seems my contract is at its end and I’m up for grabs again. This means a new list of demands too. These seem very reasonable. Big monthly salary (5 digits are nice, 4 will do) Work timings from 10am to 2pm Work days from Mon-Wed (half the companies in [...]

Office with a View

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A window with a view. The beach, marina and a bunch of crazies racing down the street. When I changed jobs last year, this is office I didn’t pick!!! Met up with my buddy who did pick it and took this snap. Oh well, I’ll keep telling myself that the big deserted construction pit I [...]

Bonus Time?

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  With economic recession hitting most of the world hard, a lot of staff are still wondering if there will be a big bonus this year for Christmas. Hope our company gets even more generous this year!!! The video above is pretty funny!

GMail Video Chat

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Google has released video chat [Link]. This is real cool. I’ve been using GMail and GoogleTalk since the last few months and I like it. Its simple and it works. This should come in real handy.

Alshamel Cars Branded

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Alshamel Travel in Kuwait got all their cars branded this week. Its strange caz just last week when I met with the Alshamel chaps in Dubai, I pointed out how nice it was that their cars were branded and strange the ones in Kuwait weren’t. Spoke too soon I guess. I like the branding on [...]

Dubai Immigration

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Mixed thoughts on the efficiency of the Dubai Airport and their immigration system. I landed here around 12am to see queues as long as the hall. After waiting for 40 mins to reach the counter, the officer tells me I need to get some paper work done for my visa. OK. So I part ways [...]

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