Pillow Talk

Saw this movie a few days back. A must see, with witty dialogues and hilarious situations. A great romantic comedy, Rock Hudson at his usual best - charming the ladies , and Doris Day. The other 2 films I’ve seen them in are Lover Come Back (quite similar to Pillow Talk) and Send me no flowers (where he plays a hypochondriac). If you ever get to see these movies, watch them till the end. 

I was a real roly poly when I was a kid…chubby cheeks and all.  I bet my dad called me roly poly after this song. The best thing is I didn’t mind at all. Now when I ask Mario whether I look fat in a certain dress and if he takes a moment or two to come up with a diplomatic answer, he’s in for it. I guess roly-poly is synonymus with cute and cuddly to me as opposed to fat :)

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