The latest song from Andy Park


Andy Park is one of my favourite worship leaders. About 10 years ago, he had come to Chennai for a worship that time, I wasn’t familiar with “The River is Here” but people all around started clapping & got into the groove. Dad was with me and he thoroughly enjoyed it too. Many of the songs he sang there became like classics later on in our meets. 

He also came for a workshop in Chennai 2 years back and I deeply regret missing it. It was all my stupid idea in the first place to go to Bombay for a corporate training programme. I got stuck there at the same dates and couldn’t make it for the ‘Worship by the beach’ (just imagine..sigh)

The song above is his latest and I like it better after listening to it the second time. I’ve listened to Brian Doerksen’s (another great worship leader) latest album ‘It’s time’, featured on Few of the songs are ones already known. My favourite is ‘Without You’. The best of his that I like upto date is “You are everything”, it’s so beautiful… just makes me wanna lift my hands and go down on my knees singing.

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