Chore’s a bore

Yesterday was the day I decided to do spring cleaning. Got up the last few days snoozing my alarm till way beyond breakfast time (or morning for that matter). Surprisingly last morning I woke up before my alarm started screeching “That thing you do” (pun not intended)..reason being I wanted to make my bladder gladder. Talk about body clock. 

Ate some cereal with a little milk and stingy addition of drinking chocolate (take my word for it- I do try to cut down). Then got to tidying up the sitting room. The chore seemed delightful with the TV on and movie “Stranger than fiction” playing.  Rubbing the coffee table with tissue in one hand, spraying of pot pourri furniture polish with the other and the grit to get that last bit of sticky ‘what not’ off the wood. It worked, ha ha and I threw that paper with the little mess clinging onto it for dear life into the dustbin.  Somewhere in the midst of all this, I lost the story on the telly. Rewinded, stopped, admired the guy’s silk tie, reminded myself to check for that at the next sale at Centrepoint, and then forced my thumb on ‘play’. The movie went at a slow pace, not having the time or patience to watch it fully with the cleaning agenda on hand, I switched it off. Noticing the fine layer of desert dust on the screen, I got to cleaning it carefully and slowly. 

Fastforward to the evening. Cleaning agenda: computer table? check. cabinet? check. bathroom? check. bedroom? check. kitchen? uh oh. I felt like a dried out prune, drained of all energy. Arrrgggh! that kitchen. I had just baked a dark chocolate cake and while it was cooling on the counter, maybe just maybe I thought I’d give the counter a good clean wipe. Yawn, no energy -to elongate arm, stretch torso and exert force..well maybe another day. After all, don’t finish today what you can do another day, right?

Oh! and I did finish watching the movie over lunch. Emma Thompson makes it really worthwhile.

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