Grocery shopping

It’s now become a habit for me to write down the grocery list for the week on a large post-it note and stick it either to or inside mario’s wallet. Sultan center in Salmiya was a good place at first, however getting a parking spot is such a problem and it becomes very crowded inside the centre at night. Patience is not one of my virtues so waiting for over 10 or 15 minutes for payment makes me bored and cranky. And the lure of the supermarket is there - end up buying more than those on the list. But its chicken is the best.

So switched over to Citi Centre, bigger space, less crowded and not that tempting. Again sometimes get bitten by the supermaret bug but learnt to resist it. Here’s how the conversation goes when we’re at the Chocolates lane:

“Hey, there are some Lindt chocolates - milk ones, I’ve already taken a 3 pack of dark chocolate.”

“No, I don’t want any.”

“Then what you’ll have after lunch? Take a pack.”

“No, am trying to cut down ( inwardly  yeah right!). It’ll be too tempting if I see them lying around at home.”

“Exercise then instead of cutting down.”

After a moment’s thought, ”No, I don’t need any. Come on, let’s move from here. Let’s buy some biscuits.”

Biscuits are a less tempting section, though I love Khong Guan’s Lemon puff biscuits and picked up 2 packs. The Meats section is not a problem, cos they don’t look great raw. Would alternate the meats every week so that we don’t get fed up of any particular one (God forbid!). Reached home after a short while and what do you know, there was a pack of chocolates ;)

In a rare instance we had picked a pack of 30 eggs. Had planned to baked a few cakes and brownies. I could get a faint smell near the egg tray but thought nothing of it when Mario didn’t smell the same. A couple of days later, was going to fry an egg for breakfast and it broke open with water, a blackish fluid and a terrible smell. H2S - hydrogen sulphide. That’s the substance, it has a rotten egg smell. I remember doing a chemistry lab experiment in school where the liquid reeked of it. Yuck! It’s the worst smell ever. From that day forth, haven’t bought eggs at Citi Centre. It’ll take me some time and alot of sniffing to trust their eggs in the future. I had an interview that day and all I could remember when I went in was the sight of that egg.

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