The pleasures of idleness

An idle moment

Came across the Idler website [link] while I was searching for a chapter in a mystery book I had read years ago on the Pleasures of Idleness. It was explained with a beautiful painting which I can’t seem to find now.

As copied and pasted from the site’s About page:

The Idler is a bi-annual, book-shaped magazine that campaigns against the work ethic. It was founded in 1993 by Tom Hodgkinson and his friend Gavin Pretor-Pinney. The intention of the magazine is to return dignity to the art of loafing, to make idling into something to aspire towards rather than reject. As well as providing a radical and thought-provoking read, the Idler is also very funny. The Idler website currently has no forum as Tom finds that the forum medium itself encourages whingeing, procrastination and rudeness of an unacceptable order.

Well, if the above doesn’t give me the assurance that I dont’ have to be on my toes all day then I don’t know what gives. I’ve read that all the great discoveries, inventions and other works of fame all happened due to an idle moment…Newton’s discovery for example. So why all the hurry and hullabaloo over work and progress? I understand our forefathers were better off than us - respiratory diseases are more widespread now than ever thanks to industrial pollution (and its work force), population control is difficult now due to advanced healthcare(and its research) and synthesised foods as you know leads to a variety of complications. Now if we all were happy-go-lucky, loving and friendly sort of people, what a difference this world would be. Alright we could be living in an era gone by with very little industrial progress but somehow I think we’d be better people.

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2 Comments on "The pleasures of idleness"

  1. Trinity
    12/11/2008 at 3:45 pm Permalink

    Cant nodd my head more in agreement…
    dont no what they are going to acheive by hurrying everything.. they dont realise that they are aging fast when they hurry things
    dont hurry and stay young…
    how is life at your end

  2. Rowena
    15/11/2008 at 3:48 pm Permalink

    Ur telling me…seems like “fast”, “hurry” and other such words are synonymous with “impatient” - slowly man becoming machine. How r u doing? Am doing good…enjoying idle life so to say ;)

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