Escalophobia among other things

Well, I know I’ve been lazy not writing a post for a long time. Reason? Forget it, too dumb to mention, but the bottomline is that I was lazy. My birthday (17th) was a great day with my hubby pampering me more than ever and I had my aunt and uncle come down too for a short visit. Shall explain the food we ate on another post. The main intent of this post is to list the 5 things I’m afraid of the most, so here goes:

1) Going up escalators (freaks the hell out of me!) - would always choose the stairs or the lift

2) Physical pain - not small cuts on the hand or a bruise, but pain from plucking eyebrows, waxing and pain caused by putting your hand or any body part in a rotating noisy machine (yikes!)

3) Big insects - I for one, can’t even bear looking at a leech leave alone it sucking blood from my leg. Tiny cockroaches don’t scare me, it’s the big ones that do

4) Reptiles - all of them

5) Falling into the deep blue sea - I was on a ship once, part of our college NCC navy drill and we went out into the ocean. It was dark blue and frightening and it didn’t help that the waves splashed onto the deck.

And yep, that’s it - the 5 things that scare me the most. Coming to Kuwait, I would say driving on a ring road (that’s if I dare to do it) could also be included in the list.

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  1. Clement
    04/12/2008 at 12:18 pm Permalink

    Hey, that was fun. I think I will tag you. Do take up the tag on my post Top 10 addictions, it is fun

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