Food, glorious food


 If you check my earlier two posts , I made a mention of the food eaten on my birthday. Since the description of all that we ate wouldn’t do justice to the titles of those posts, I’ve dedicated the content of this one in praise of the yummy food. 

  The photo of chocolate ganache cake is taken from Mr Baker’s site. Two Kuwait partners, established Mr.Baker in the early 1996, with the help of a leading manufacturer of confectionery and bakery products in Belgium. 

  I don’t have the words to describe this cake - it’s so yummy and mind you, I’m not a big fan of the chocolate flavour either. But this really swept me off my feet the first time a mere morsel melted in my mouth - the feeling’s utopic! (sigh) 

  Add to it, the Mr Baker store on Hamad Al Mubarak street is  adjacent to a kunafa shop and a little further there’s Tutti  Frutti (I think) and Sable. When we used to return from our  evening walk at the beach, it was an impossible to resist  urge to stop at Mr Baker and pick up a few pastries. Talk  about compensating for the calories burned…now I know  why those walks didn’t help at all :(

For my birthday (cheez, I sound like a kid!) dinner, we went  to the good ol’ lebanese restaurant Mais AlGhanim. Not  interested in writing about their history here though. The  menu tag line says “Genuine Hospitality since 1953″ so you  can imagine. That night, I ordered a kiwi juice while Uncle  Jim wanted to try out the non-alcoholic beer (nice!). The  kobus (fresh from the oven and the roasted variety) came  with the pickled vegetables along with the hummus (a  favourite in this restaurant) we  asked for initially. The main course consisted of a mixed meat grill served with french fries called Kabab Mais Alghanim and Hammour(fish) on skewer served with dill infused rice. Allow me to explain each:

1) Kabab Mais Alghanim - 1 kabab, 1 intabli, 1 baghdadi, 1 kafta kabab 

2) Hammour on skewer - skewers of grilled hammour and bell pepper served with red capsicum sauce 


Doesn’t this make your mouth water? And believe me, it tastes even better than how it looks. The succulent grilled meat and the fish with the red pepper sauce added a whole new flavour to the dinner. Not a single kabab tasted the same (although you couldn’t differentiate much from their appearance) and the fish was just well-done.

This is the second time I’ve been to Mais and Mario’s third. And I’ll go again and again and again. You just can’t get enough of it. Another major plus point is that the prices are so reasonable. There’s also an option for those watching their waistline - try the “healthy choice” dishes with low fat & low salt. Good quantities, reasonable rates, great ambience and fast service - what more could a hungry person want? Ah yes, a little bit of chocolate ganache cake as dessert :)

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  1. Clement
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    Bon appetit!!!

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