Some like it hot

Can you spot the 2 gents in this pic?

If you haven’t got a chance to see this 1959 classic (in my hall of fame) then waste no time and rent a DVD. The classy sense of humour that is so much a part of the yesteryear movies keeps you smiling throughout the film. And the fact that it’s black and white, draws you away from unnecessary distractions like dresses, heavy make-up, beaches, swimsuits (ahem). 

    And I know Marilyn Monroe is the main star and basic reason that most moviegoers would want to see this film blah blah blah.  But for me, the star was Jack Lemmon. He’s hilarious especially in the scenes with the millionaire suitor. I preferred him as Daphne as opposed to Jerry :)

 So, do you prefer classical or jazz?                                            
Well, some like it hot

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