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www.ystchennai.com is now live, up and running. You can check the site for info regarding timings of the prayer meetings, intercession and the upcoming programmes. Also type in your prayer requests on the page assigned and know that the whole team will be praying for you and your needs on Saturdays. The testimonies make very interesting reading too :)

In case you’re wondering what the logo signifies; it’s the power button of the computer (pretty commonplace that you sometimes don’t notice!) and the cross representing Christ - truly suits the motto “Start early in the Lord”. The font of YST is I think, self explanatory (c’mon, use those grey cells).

Came across the message of our late Holy Father Pope John Paul II on the 36th World Communications day. The theme was to use the internet as a forum for proclaiming the Gospel.  To quote his last para which I think was written beautifully:

“….From this galaxy of sight and sound (internet) will the face of Christ emerge and the voice of Christ be heard? For it is only when his face is seen and his voice heard that the world will know the glad tidings of our redemption. This is the purpose of evangelization. And this is what will make the Internet a genuinely human space, for if there is no room for Christ, there is no room for man. Therefore, on this World Communications Day, I dare to summon the whole Church bravely to cross this new threshold, to put out into the deep of the Net, so that now as in the past the great engagement of the Gospel and culture may show to the world “the glory of God on the face of Christ”(2 Cor 4:6). May the Lord bless all those who work for this aim. “

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