5 jobs I’m glad I’m not in

I remember my mum had a coffee mug on her office desk which read something like - take a complaint and turn it into an opportunity. I don’t remember whether the cartoon drawn on the mug was of a rodeo cowboy with a bull or a staff with her boss, but it drove the message home. Complaints can be turned into opportunities.

Don’t worry, I’m not planning to traverse the philosophy of my past or the future. But seeing the job situation all around me and me sitting at home, I am thankful that I’m not in a job that makes me wanna cry. However, the first five would be:

1. Secretary - I can’t handle my own schedules, you can imagine what a disaster it would be if I handled someone else’s

2. Ticket collector on a bus - I’m terrible at whistling (as professional as king Julien in Madagascar 2), would have to ask one of the passengers to whistle for me. Another minus would be having to push through a sea of tired and angry people who wouldn’t budge an inch to let me through

3. Lawyer - would have pulled the Judge’s hair out if my client lost

4. Flight stewardess - if the guy shouted for more whisky, I’d throw him out!

5. Life insurance saleswoman - how would I convince a man that he’ll get real value for money only if he dies?

On the same topic, I read a joke about a toothbrush complaining to a roll of toilet paper:

Toothbrush: You know, I think I have the worst job in this world. My master treats me harshly and I have to clean all the tartars and morsels of foul smelling substances in his large mouth. And then he leaves me out to stay in this cold bathroom. Seriously, no one could have a worse job than me

Toilet Paper: Yeah…right

There used to be a time when I yearned to have a job that someone had. Grass is always greener…? yeah yeah, I guess only when we hear the other side’s woes then we know that what we have is the best for us. Nowadays, the duty of a housewife is so glorified what with woman’s lib and all. From the term housewife to homemaker, and now I believe we mortals are named “domestic engineers”; considering that the work at home is an applied science too. So much for a morale boost ;)

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2 Comments on "5 jobs I’m glad I’m not in"

  1. Clement
    05/02/2009 at 10:02 am Permalink

    Way to go, domestic engineer! Proud to be your friend.
    Good post.


  1. JOHN 17/07/2012 at 6:52 pm

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