My top 10 addictions

I was tagged a while ago and it’s not that I didn’t know what to write, I’m just plain lazy. 

Anyway, addictions for me come and go, it’s not permanent so actually doesn’t fit the definition as such. The top ten right now are:

1.) Sleep: Now unlike the others, this is permanent…has been with me since I was a kid, is with me now and I’m sure the future holds promising for this without doubt. I can even sleep standing. I don’t need anyone’s help to get a good nigh’s sleep not even medicine when I have a cold. Actually, I sleep longer and better when I’m unwell and that’s therapeutic. Unlike the old adage “laughter’s the best medicine”, for me sleep is. Mario has a hell of a time waking me up in the mornings (he should be canonised!) and it takes me some time after that to shake out of my reverie. He reports that I even smile in my sleep early mornings or giggle. I used to deny it till one day he caught me on cam, talking some rubbish (like my favourite food was sugar…I need to cut vegetables in my nursery class…!!) and grinning. 

2.) Dark chocolate: Not only it has low amounts of fat(sugar), it’s an aphrodisiac, so how bad could it be ;)

3.) 24 TV series: I tried to overcome it and practise the virtue of temperance, it was hard. These series could get anyone interested in suspense/action or political conspiracy glued to the screen. Now I feel I could write my own TV series.

4.) Fish: I love eating it and always do so whenever I get the chance. Firstly, it doesn’t have the meaty taste that beef or lamb have and secondly, you feel so light after eating it. I don’t mind the bones, though I wouldn’t want to be watching a tom & jerry cartoon or a pink panther one while I’m eating mackerel.

5.) A good book: Always has been and I think it’ll continue. Am reading “The Last Juror” now and though I can imagine it being made into a movie, I’d rather read it first than watch the film. Most of the time, I read books online - questia, project gutenberg and some catholic sites too.

6.) Worship music: I can’t get enough of it and the newest songs are more beautiful than those say, 5-8 years back. Check to listen to some great music for free on their playlist. It’s a wrong notion that only the yesteryear hymns had meaningful lyrics..I mean, their style and even conversations were pretty sophisticated & formal those days. Now, the songs are simpler to hum and sing, even the words are easier to remember.

7.) Laziness/Procarastination: Could this be called an addiction? I always think tomorrow’s a better day to do the task (which it never is) and then say the same thing tomorrow and….well, you know how the cycle goes.

8.) Checking my email and surfing the net: Being in the Land of Far Far Away, I tend to check my email throughout the day for new updates back at home. I never enjoyed surfing the net when I was single. The reason was one of the slowest dial-up connections back home, which made me want to shake up and bang the computer. To send a 1.5MB file, it used to take close to an hour! I could have taken a print/copied the file onto a CD and delivered it to the concerned person (but which I was too lazy to do of course!)

9.) Juice: Fresh orange juice is my favourite but any fruit juice will do, at any point during the day. I dislike lychee and pineapple juices though.

10.) Kababs: Mmm, mouth watering and delicioso! I love the micemeat ones compared to the chicken and they taste heavenly with parsley salad and garlic sauce. 

While blogging is not an addiction, I do hope it never is. Then I’d be on it 24/7 :)

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  1. Clement
    20/02/2009 at 4:09 pm Permalink

    Hey Row,

    Thanks for taking up the tag, but the fun in tagging is that the tag must be passed on.

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