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Alright, I’m back from hibernation..during the summer.

We’ve just moved to another flat so while the hall and kitchen are now set, the rooms have a lot of tidying up and arranging to do. Sometimes I feel the stuff is best left in the suitcases and cartons. No need to arrange them cos then they wouldn’t clutter the place and have to be dusted or cleaned. O well, that’s my lazy genes talking (yeah, blame the habit on your parents!)

I’ve started working too, explains the hibernation and while I do think it’s more comfortable to sleep at home during the day, the office is not that bad too. Just kidding. Sometimes I just have to drink some coffee or more energy drinks to keep my eyes open and brain to work overtime. But in the middle, my solitaire addiction sometimes takes over ending up with me eating lunch at desk while trying furiously hard to better my time at the game. How pathetic right?

Oh by the way, happy Independence Day to you all! Went for a party last Friday and although I was never the patriot, I enjoyed celebrating 15th august especially when it comes on a weekday. So sad that I didn’t get the day off L

Hmmm, what else has happened since April..Michelle got married (finally!) and although we went down for a brief visit for the wedding, it was super fun! I came back with the flu (thankfully, not swine) and took it easy for a few days at work. With me coughing and sneezing, my boss just had to keep me away from clients. But the “Rowena, why don’t you take a few days off?” didn’t come up. Che, what was the use of that flu then?

Then I travelled to Abu Dhabi (read as Ahboo Dhabby) on work and while I enjoyed being holed up in my hotel room, the sounds from the pub party on the floor above didn’t quite give the ‘peaceful ambience’ that the hotel promises in its brochure. Oh well, this was not Kuwait so there was a pub in a hotel!

360 mall opened up in Kuwait on 5th July. It was called a ‘soft’ opening. I don’t know what exactly that means but when I went there 2 weeks later, except for 2 and a half shops, the rest were still unopened. Quite a few Indian restaurants have opened in Salmiya. Of course we tried them out. ‘Indian Delights’ is a good one, authentic Goan cuisine and good portions.

And how could I forget, the Summer Club at IEAS came to an end on August 7th with its Cultural day. My kutties (4-6 yrs) danced their hearts out and looked lovely on stage. For the co-ordinator dance, it was a tribute to MJ so we had a mix of his greatest hits and a team dancing for each. The first item was Billie Jean in which I danced too! You can see me below in the middle. Looks great on photo but when I saw the video, our dance looked like slow motion L. Anyway, it’s Mario’s favorite MJ song and I’m glad I got this rather than be dressed like a zombie for the Thriller item. I don’t know what next year’s dance would be but the rehearsals this year and the final dance item was fun.

And I’m glad to be blogging again. Thanks Habibi and Amritha for bringing me back on the blog path. I was lost!


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2 Comments on "I’m back!"

  1. Clement
    21/08/2009 at 9:40 pm Permalink

    Welcome back, i was hibernating too.

  2. Amritha
    23/08/2009 at 10:24 am Permalink

    yay! good to see you blogging again!

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